Thursday, July 06, 2006

Basilica di San Marco. It was appropriate that writer John Berendt should be present at the concert directed by Lorin Maazel, in the Basilica, the proceeds of which will go towards the restructuring of the Cupola of Creation. The cupola, is also know as the "Cupola of Angels", because in each of the seven segments winged figures are depicted. And like in John's book about Venice, The City of Falling Angels (The Penguin Press) the angels in the cupola also need restoring. John was in Venice for the book party, in a special cordoned off section of the Piazza San Marco, to mark the end of his world tour book launch. He told me that the concert ".... was a momentous occasion. Very exciting and I felt completely surrounded by the sound, more than ever I have in a symphony hall."
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