Thursday, July 06, 2006

Basilica di San Marco. Let me leave you with this "magical" special effect, in which I am trying to transmit to you too, the emotion we all felt during this unforgettable concert. Lorin Maazel conducted the Symphonica Toscanini in Anton Bruckner's 8th symphony. The concert was organized by Venice Foundation president, Franca Coin to raise money for the restructuring of the Cupola of Creation inside the Basilica di San Marco. The patriarchal curia to the Basilica, Mons. Antonio Meneguolo, describes the emotions he felt " I was struck by the intensity and the strength with which Maestro Maazel conducted. He lost the baton three times and he conducted the whole symphony by heart, without a musical score. He transported the orchestra with his engaging way. The symphony he chose, he performs with such intensive greatness in the recurrent motifs that go from vivace to intenso to profondo."
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