Monday, April 24, 2006

Fuori Salone - Ingo Maurer. Poetic, innovative, veteran light designer, Ingo Maurer hardly needs any introduction. His lights always amuse me. His exhibition at the Spazio Krizia, entitled Delirium Yum Yum!! and subtitled Expect the Unexpected was another stupendous show. How does he do it year after year? "Nothing is more boring than following the same track, the same shiny traces of design. Design expressions in which you cannot perceive a personality anymore, is sterile and superficial. I consider myself lucky and blessed: I have been working at my own risk for forty years and I am still independent." Maurer states. His newest lamp, shown above, is called Atom Boy, it is assembled with the famous and amazing Japanese dolls called Astro Boy, twelve inch highgrade figures, and the text says it all "One Can't be Tall without the Small".......... Pin It

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