Friday, March 31, 2006

Why not add rose petals to your food? It was the first time that I saw edible flowers among the fruit and vegetables in Italy. In fact, these flowers arrive twice a week from Les Halles in Paris and are sold exclusively in a "jewel" of a greengrocer in the heart of Brera. Called, Il Fruttivendolo, the Galantino brothers, Teo, Enzo and Tonio have been selling for the past twenty-five years, in and out of season fruit and vegetables to the trendy, hip and rich of the neighborhood. The culinary use of flowers dates back thousands of years. And, rose petals are so pretty. Delight your guests with: rose petal pickled peaches - rose petal ice cream - rose petal pears - rose petal soup - champagne jelly with rose petals and grapes - rose petal cupcakes - garnish ice cubes with rose petals or just sprinkle rose petals into green salads for a splash of color. The possibilities are infinite, just google rose petals and have fun!
Il Fruttivendolo: Via Solferino 12 - tel: 02 6599730
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