Friday, March 31, 2006

Easter Eggs. Lula is a new space in Milan entirely devoted to chocolate. Fashion trend setter, Antonio Ponte conceived this shop as a "living room" where people can just pass by or have cultural exchanges, in a cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of the old chocolate and confectioners shops. The store takes it's name from his bull terrier, Lula. The assortment of chocolates and flavors are varied and unusual as is the ad-hoc exclusive packagings, like textile boxes or colored chocolate trays, decorated with thin papers and silk or velvet ribbons. Milk or dark, with nuts, almonds or dried fruits, but also rose or vanilla, ginger or lavender, red pepper or wild fennel, green tea or orange, lemon or limoncello flavored, chocolates are the protagonist here. For Easter, Antonio has designed these beautiful Faberge inspired, hand decorated eggs. As well as, chocolate eggs wrapped in one of a kind, vintage designer silk scarves that hold a hand written poem by Nicoletta Pallini Clemente. Lula - Via Archimede/Via Fiamma 17 - tel: 0270006915
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