Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oih Target!!! When I come to New York City for such a short period of time, I never ever go out of Manhattan - however - I "begged" my cook book author friend, Susan Simon to take me in her Volvo to Brooklyn to have a look at Target. I have been curious about this store since it opened and their ads always look so young and fresh and what about the designers, that is really what I wanted to see and maybe buy. I was expecting an American version of Ikea and what do you get...... a very boring main street America shopping mall. And, the designers, where are they???? The Isaac Mizrahi clothes were practically non existent, just a little rack with a few leftovers and the Michael Graves objects....????? I went through the home department twice and could not find one....and, I repeat one piece designed by are the designers names just a publicity stunt??? Most disappointing.... However, we not could leave Target without buying something and the best buys were the best selection of dog toys. Pixel and Jay peg will be happy with their American toys and so was Allegra, who patiently waited in the car while we did our "shopping" for her treat.
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