Sunday, August 21, 2005

What better way than to end the day than to see this glamorous and dazzling exhibition called DIAMONDS at the National History Museum - till 26th February, 2006 - Wow!!! After a very tight security check the exhibition started on a red carpet with photographs and clips of films starring movie stars and their rocks and then moved on to show lots and lots of the worlds most famous diamonds mounted in fabulous jewels. I especially enjoyed seeing all the coloured diamonds like the "Steinmetz Pink" (my favorite color) - 59.60 carats. "The Moussaieff Red" - 5.11 carats, the most expensive red diamond at over $900,000 per carat, the highest price ever paid per carat for any diamond. "The Incomparable Diamond" (golden brown) - 407.48 carats, the third largest cut diamond ever recorded. This exhibition tells a story of power, wealth and desire. I was day dreaming on my way out and as consolation I went a bought myself a giant size paperweight solitaire - as big as the Ritz - and the catalogue!
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