Friday, June 17, 2005

Photograph courtesy La Biennale Press Office
Giardini - Italian Pavilion: The Experience of Art - Video # 2 -At the Biennale this year there were a lot of videos and installations and very little art intended as paint on canvas. As, I don't have much attention span to stand in the dark and watch videos... A video really has to grab me, for me to remain focused. In fact, I want to go back with the right mentality and time to just focus on all the videos. Candice Breitz's two glamorous and sophisticated videos *****Mother and ***** Father 2005 are exceptional. The South African - who lives in Berlin - has very cleverly clipped short dialogue of famous film stars from cult movies and pieced them together in a sort of very fast slide show to make a new story of her own - it's the father and the mother separately giving advice to their children - for me the text reminded me of a deja-vu situation.
Before I leave this pavilion - may I just mention how much I loved Jenny Holzer's Purple Cross 2004 installation - I am a fan of hers!
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