Friday, June 17, 2005

Giardini - lunch break - with between 7,000 and 10,000 visitors for the three press days it was pretty difficult to get a chair and eat a dry sandwich sitting down - thank God for Illy coffee - one of the sponsors - who had the great idea to provide 1,500 Illychairs, folding chairs complete with shoulder straps which anyone could pick up and cart around. (Inside gossip: 70 chair were stolen on the second day and taken away by boat......)!!! Famous architect Matteo Thun said that these chairs "....were his favorite work of art"!
Photographed above, the Rai Sat TV crew stop for lunch: Missoni's VIP P.R. Gerlinde Guelfenbein was styling host Michela Moro's outfit while her co-host Daniel Berger looks on as do the camera crew and make-up, as well as art P.R. freelancer Cristina Pariset. The whole crew is in Venice for one week to prepare a two hour special on the Biennale, scheduled for June 19th. With a work load of conducting about fifteen interviews a day Michela Moro told me that the Biennale this year "Is different from all the previous ones because it has all the emotional intelligence of women".
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