Tuesday, September 21, 2004


So, it's still the end of August and on my last night in Sardinia, my host Sebastiano, who is also a very good cook decided to spoil us all with his pasta alla Vernaccia - translation: spaghetti with onions cooked in Vernaccia wine - Vernaccia wine is similar to sherry, it is ethereal with an intense and penetrating fragrance.
extra virgin olive oil - 2 kilos finely chopped white onions - 3 dried chili peppers - 2 liters dry Vernaccia wine - 800 grams spaghetti - grated pecorino cheese: heat the oil and the chili peppers in a large saucepan add the onions and gradually keep adding the wine, a little at the time, until the onions have disintegrated and look "mashed up", this takes about two hours - this can be made ahead and then reheated. Cook the pasta according to packet instructions and then add the onion mixture - at the table add abundant grated pecorino cheese to each serving - serves 6/8
While Sebastiano was peeling the onions, I jokingly told him not to cry - he replied "Big boys don't cry"! I'll always remember that evening with it's intense sunset of reds, blues and blacks the view of the Island of Santo Stefano and the unforgettable Pasta alla Vernaccia. Bravo Sebastiano!

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