Wednesday, September 22, 2004

C 1997 The Jack Russell Store
Let me introduce you to "Le Bambine" (the girls); Pixel with the black face is broken coated and 9 months old - she is fragile, ditzy, distracted, a dreamer and tries to catch the shadows on the floor from the overhead lights - her nickname is Top Model, as she has long legs and is skinny! J.peg pronounced Jay Peg with the tan face has a "long" smooth coat is 6 months old, she is tough, smart, intelligent, never gives up and is very greedy - her nickname is twinset and pearls, she has the "classic" Jack Russell face! They love to..... play rough all day - to skip, run and jump in the long grass - to play with squeaky toys and I wish they could learn to tidy up afterwards - to lick your face - to be cuddled - they are really friendly - and love to sleep on the bed especially when the feather duvet is on...
Let me also bring your attention to my formidable friend Dale Mountan who has single-handedly rescued, rehabilitated and given refuge to more than 300 Jack Russell Terriers over the years. She has many success stories to tell all with happy endings. Please visit for more information and their JRT calendar is superb - a must have. AND, YES, let me confirm....Happiness really is being owned by a Jack Russell Terrier!

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