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The Venice Glass Week - Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea - Toots Zynsky - Nature and its Image + Beatrice Burati Anderson - Delicate Questions - Exhibitions

 The Venice Glass Week 
Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea -  Venezia
Toots Zynsky - Nature and its Image
For the Nature and its Image exhibition during The Venice Glass Week at Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea, Venezia - which remains open until - November 27 -  Toots Zynsky presents a body of works that she explores, through the chromatic element, the complex relationship between man and the environment. Using a pioneering technique of glass processing, so-called a filet-de-verre, Zynsky models sinuous shapes, rich in folds and curves, which overwhelm the rigidity of the material and set the colors in motion, with a kinetic and illusionistic effect present only in nature.
Throughout her career, Toots Zynsky - Boston -1951 - lives and works in Providence, RI, USA - has always looked to nature as a primary source of inspiration. Her works, statements of color, transcend any category and inhabit a region of their own, intertwining the traditions of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.

“the protagonists are the chromatic element and the complex relationship between man and the environment”
  Gallerist  - Caterina Tognon
was awarded Special Mention by the Jury of 
The Venice Glass Week - for the exhibition
Toots Zynsky - Nature and its Image
Toots Zynsky - Nature and its Image
Toots Zynsky - Nature and its Image

 Beatrice Burati Anderson - Art Space and Gallery - Venice
Delicate Questions - Exhibition 
Judi Harvest - Tristano di Robilant - Maria Grazia Rosin - Marta Sforni 
At  Beatrice Burati Anderson - Art Space and Gallery - Venice - Calle de la Madonna - Campo San Polo 1976 - the exhibition - Delicate Questions - an installation in progress.  The group show features works by Judi Harvest - Tristano di Robilant - Maria Grazia Rosin and Marta Sforni. The  show's title, Delicate Questions, refers to the multitude of questions that human beings constantly pose about the nature of every aspect of both personal and collective existence.  Significantly, the artists have been asked to use glass to propose their own interpretation of a question mark.  All the works are specifically created for the occasion and originate from an inner topic. The collective installation presented, wants to reflect and make us reflect about the nature of questioning, recognizing how a question is always mirroring the deepest nature of the one who poses it. Indeed, as we share our personal fundamental questions, we can deeply recognize ourselves, and finally recognize every being as not separated from us. The exhibition will welcome the contributions of more artists and more question marks, while traveling to Rome and other cities. It will also be a way to support the activity of our Murano’s glass masters in this particularly delicate moment, inviting artists to work with them, to discover the magic of glass, even those who have never worked with glass before.
The work of Maria Grazia Rosin, in its cosmic roundnesses, evoques 
“a universal question”.
 Maria Grazia Rosini - Suspense Point - 2022 - A Universal Question
Marta Sforni, Beatrice Burati Anderson and Judi Harvest
Steven Moore and Cat Bauer

Maybe this precise historic moment triggers even more our need of understanding the ununderstandable. Sharing questions is unavoidable and vital. Tristano di Robilant goes back to the shape of the question mark as seen on the medieval codexes, and defines his work as “a founding question”
 Tristano di Robilant -  Quaestio - 2022 - A Founding Question
with maestro Andrea Zilio
As glass, a question is generated in the fire of an inner passion.
Not casually, Marta Sforni’s work, red as blood, is “a burning question.
 Marta Sforni - Prospero - 2022 - A Burning Question
with maestro Giorgio Guiman 
As glass, as it cooles down, it becomes fragile. Judi Harvest presents “a suspended question on fragile nature”, where a broken hive is a clear metaphor for nature itself.
 Judi Harvest - A Suspended Question - 2022 - On Fragile Nature
with maestro Giorgio Guiman
Judi Harvest -  Honeybees - Murano Honey
Judi's honey is harvested in the bee-friendly garden of the maestro Giorgio Guiman's furnace on the island of Murano.




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