Sunday, April 17, 2022

Venice - Fondazione Giorgio Cini - Homo Faber - Blossoming Beauty + The Artisan: A crafted Tea Room + Designers - Curators - Craftsmen - Friends

 Homo Faber
Blossoming Beauty
Glass Craftsmanship in Bloom
Michelangelo Foundation - Sylvain Roca - Venini
An evocative fairy tale garden where beautiful flower bouquets are displayed to glorious effect in bespoke glass vases, enhanced by an immersive video and poetic soundtrack.  Leading glass manufacturer Venini, based on Murano, collaborated with ten international flower designers to create a series of original vases using ancient glassmaking techniques. Those same floral artists then created special bouquets to enhance the beauty of these delicate glass vessels. The result is a stunning display demonstrating the fine craftsmanship involved in both glassmaking and floral art. Accompanying the exhibition, a mysterious soundtrack conceived by French composer Christian Holl celebrates the relationship between artisans and the natural world: the transformation of grains of sand into splendid glass forms in the furnaces of Venini and a video directed by filmmaker Olivier Brunet celebrates the four elements of the natural world, while the garden’s entrance features an exquisitely crafted sign by graphic artists Antoine+Manuel. 
 Philippa Craddock - UK
Movement - Energy - Flow - 2022

Interni's Gilda Bojardi, Venini's Silvia Damiani, Elle Decor Italia's  
Livia Peraldo Matton and Living Corriere della Sera's Francesca Taroni
White Pepper Studio - Italy
Camilla Callegaro - Cristina Cozzo - Lena Schneider-Rash
Landscape - 2022
Satoshi Kawamoto - Japan 
Anatomy - 2022
Daniel Santamaria - Spain
Matilde - Pilar - Silvia - 2022

Mantas Petruskevicius - Lithuania
Emily Avenson - USA- Belgium
Spring Renaissance - 2022
Frederic Dupre - France
Chrysalis - 2022

Gregor Lersch - Germany
Lavoratrice - 2022
Nikki Tibbles - United Kingdom
Inked - 2022

Seen at Homo Faber
Letizia Moratti
Giovanni and Servane Giol with Pierre Leonforte
Clarice Pecori Giraldi
 Roberta Rossi Pierluigi Rossi and Francesca Saroni
The Artisan: a crafted tea room
curated - Tapiwa Matsinde
Overlooking the Venetian lagoon, enjoy a cup of tea in a space decorated and furnished with iconic pieces by designers, artisans and manufacturers from all over the world, discover the stories these objects tell us about diverse cultures, and come to understand the relationship craftsmanship has with our everyday lives. Curator Tapiwa Matsinde was inspired by the traditional concept of the tea room created by enterprising 19th century women who would open up their living rooms to guests willing to pay for tea and cake.








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