Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Fondazione Berengo Art Space - Murano – Homo Faber – In Citta’ – Sottovetro - Made in Wonderlass

Homo Faber – In Citta’

Fondazione Berengo Art Space – Murano

Sottovetro – Made in Wonderglass


Made in WonderGlass presents SottoVetro – until May 15 - an exhibition curated by Jean Blanchaert within the prestigious surroundings of the Fondazione Berengo Art Space, in conjunction with the 59th Venice Biennale and as part of the In Citta’ section of Homo Faber 2022.  SottoVetro alludes to/puns on the preservation process known in Italy as ‘sottovuoto’ i.e. vacuum packing goods to preserve them and extend their shelf life. Sottovetro - under glass - evokes the sense of seeing below the surface, of uncovering what is behind the presented work of art.  WonderGlass takes visitors into an intimate landscape with this exhibition, presenting each artist's secret – recipe – for creativity.
Addressing contemporary culture and the seductive power of language, Francesco Vezzoli presents an oversized homage to the iconic Schiaparelli perfume bottle.

Francesco Vezzoli
Il Grande vetro di Francesco Vezzoli – After Leonor Fini

Two cultural matrices, industrial and craft, coexist and merge in an image that evokes Hokusai’s view of the Amida waterfall and whose title recalls famous Neapolitan song.

Andrea Anastasio – Luna Rossa

Joana Vasconcelos fuses fabric with glass in a work that celebrates collective identity
Joana Vasconcelos - Interaction

Maurizio Mussati structured WonderGlass as if it were a rugby team, of which he was a supporter: speed, courage in tackles and vision of the game. From London, Christian, his son is not only in tune with his father, but brings new ideas. Their WonderGlass company is always looking for 
technical and aesthetic innovations. "
Jean Blanchaert


Moritz Waldemeyer always focuses on creating an emotional response in the viewer with light and form presents the illuminated installation.
Moritz Waldemeyer - Prometheus

Christian and Maurizio Mussati 

Eos is inspired by the flow of lava and designed to represent the transitionary moment when liquid turns solid.  Shaped by gravity the piece creates the illusion of liquid on the brink of overflowing, combined with a light source to produce oscillating lights and shadows.
Armand Louis – Atelier-Oi – Eos


Inspired from disparate travels to archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, where the history of ancient civilisations is permeated in the landscape and marked by the passage of time.

Simone Zucubi – Studio Pluz – Minosse C Table

The pattern and texture that are created in the instant of pressing the printing ink or paint onto the block capture the moment the work is made and become something of a trademark to both the process and the finished product.  The moment the fluid glass hits cold air is the moment the object is formed. 
Richard Woods - Glass and Wood

Nao Tamura

Bethan Laura Wood – Chain Side Table  

The Mussati Family
Ludovico, Maurizio, Christian and Candida Mussati








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