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#TheVeniceGlassWeek - #VivaVetro! - Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo - Jessica Loughlin - Giampaolo Babetto

"Loughlin unlocks the transcendent peace bestowed by the light of open unpeopled landscapes, that sense of release from self that is the particular gift of the sea, or the dessert, through working paradoxical capacities of glass.  Light has entered the studio, and leaves it locked in glass."
Julie Ewington
Sydney - Australia - May 2021
Caterina Tognon - Vetro Contemporaneo
Jessica Loughlin - Architectures of Light
At Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo Gallery - until October 30 -  the beautiful exhibition - Jessica Loughlin - Architetures of Light. Australian artist Jessica Loughlin creates 'architectures of light' inspired by the austere and infinite Australian landscape. Her works tell of the colour of distance: the blue of the horizon that is lost at the edge of the world, the light that changes during the passing of the day, and the tides – the fluid movement of water, as it flows on the ground. «My material is both glass and light» writes Loughlin «I use glass to sculpt light and shadow». Poised between idealised spaces and material surfaces, Loughlin uses glass – particularly opaline – in an experimental way, using a limited colour palette from which she creates infinite shades combined with variations of translucence, opacity and gloss. 
Jessica Loughlin



"The first thing is the light. 
Always everywhere.
How it strikes - with brilliant intensity, or gently, with a caress."

Jessica Loughlin - Melbourne - 1975 - is well-known in Australia and USA; in Europe she is represented solely by Caterina Tognon. This is her second exhibition in Europe and Italy.


Jessica Loughlin 


"A simple and autonomous entity, extraneous to any subject and symbolic reflection that is not the very process of its construction."
Germano Celant
Giampoalo Babetto - Skira Editions - Milan 1996

Giampaolo Babetto - Body Architectures 
Giampaolo Babetto - Padua - 1947 - is one of the Masters of the Paduan Goldsmith School – an artistic movement born in the mid-1950s on the benches of the goldsmith section of the Pietro Selvatico Art Institute. For the exhibition Architectures for the Body at Caterina Tognon gallery - until October 30 - the artist has chosen to work with glass, a fragile material par excellence, combining it with gold, which is both pliable and durable. Two materials in antithesis, different and distant in characteristics and appearance, but harmoniously close in the synthesis of Babetto’s creations, which inhabit the body and live on its supple and constantly moving surface.
 Giampaolo Babetto

Babetto’s works belong to all the world’s most important museum collections of contemporary jewelry; we recall some of them: Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in NY. 
 Giampaolo Babetto

 Giampaolo Babetto 
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