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The Venice Glass week - #VivaVetro! - Artists - Mariso Convento - Assia Karaguiozava - Judi Harvest - Lucia Vallejo Garay - Lorenzo Passi - Fatto a Murano Exhibition

Bottega Cini
Marisa Convento

Marisa Convento is the resident artisan at the concept store, Bottega Cini. She is the queen of the Impiraresse, Venetian glass beads threaders, as well as, vice-president of the Committee for the Safeguarding of the Art of Venetian Glass Beads which recently obtained the IHC Unesco recognition for the Art of Glass Bead. During TVGW they organized a Kids Bead Treasure Hunt from Punta della Dogana to Bottega Cini culminating there with a grand carpet finale.

Bottega Cini
Assia Karaguiozova for Nason Moretti
The designer-artist, Assia Karaguiozova, works mainly on the versatility of materials, combined with chromatic interpretations of the subjects she narrates. Her creations are a combination of innovation and tradition and, thanks to the skill of Nason Moretti's master glassmakers, represent a perfect balance between art and design. 

Demarco Arte
Judi Harvest - Harvest 2021
At Demarco Arte the solo exhibition Harvest 2021 of painter, sculpture and beekeeper Judi Harvest. Her works are inspired by nature, specifically the pollinators; bees and bats.    For example the beekeeper side of her, keeps her honeybees in the garden of the Giorgio Guiman glass blowing factory, in Murano, each year they produce approximately 100 kilos of honey, stored, numbered and signed in glass jars. This is where she also held her Murano Honey Garden Picnic  which included a guided visit through the working glass factory by Guiman himself and honeybee a talk between her and Luca Polo.  During the festival Harvest presented new paintings using the encaustic technique, these for her as well as, Murano glass have a lot in common; they both involve beeswax and require heat, specific tools, timing and skill.  Both are magical and offer great surprises.

"Does art serve a purpose beyond the aesthetic? Judi Harvest thinks so. She wants her art not only to be beautiful but to do nothing less than change the world, or at least our perception of the world. Chief among her preoccupations is how humans interact with nature, now challenging the survival of the human race. Her research first into how bees are responsible for pollinating plants and flowers and now how bats, creatures of the night, help us live, inspire her art. Thus, her current Murano glass and encaustic artworks which involves both species, has an ecological as well as an aesthetic meaning. She uses beauty to focus our attention on the danger of extinction that face both flying species."
Barbara Rose
Judi Now
 Judi Harvest
Harvest 2021
new encaustic painting
Harvest 201
hand-blown Murano glass works 
Harvest has been working in Murano with maestro Giorgio Guiman since 1988, her first sculpture titled Stromboli Vase was inspired by the Aeolian Islands and Murano Island.
Stefano Demarco
photo - Claudio Franzini - courtesy Judi Harvest
Judi Harvest - Harvest 2021 

"A matter in between state, liquid and solid, that can be heat and
over and over again".
Nadja Romain
Magazzino Gallery di Palazzo Contarini Polignac
Lucia Vallejo Garay - Fragilite'
At Palazzo Contarini Polignac the exhibition Fragilite' by Spanish artist and historian Lucia Vallejo Garay curated by Nadia Romain, presented new works and the first exploration of glass by the artist in dialog with Murano glass and inspired by the legacy of Venetian master Giorgione.

"Death is the apotheosis of temporality.  In previous exhibitions I have addressed the circularity of time that unites life and death.  The destiny of soul is recurrent in my work.  I was drawn to work with glass as a conceptual representation of my quest.  Bubbles of time, glass bubbles represent a timeless place without time were souls, canvases sometimes intact, sometimes burned, leave their mark.   The souls encapsulated in their new  crystal world see through their transparency and see without being seen, listen without being heard and wherever they go they represent the fragility of life.  The nobel and transparent but fragile material glass melts on the canvas with its heat and turns them into ashes, leaving a deep imprint on the glass. A trace that remains for eternity".
Lucia Vallejo Garay
Fragility of the Soul
Murano Glass

Lucia Vallejo Garay - Giorgione - oil - canvas

Marignana Arte
Lorenzo Passi - Roots-Radici
In the Marignana Project Room, Lorenzo Passi, artist who lives and works in Venice, presented his work, Roots-Radici. A quest for identity stems from the wish to have deep roots in a place wherein self-identification may freely express itself. Roots starts from a tree stump that is used by the artist as a mold to create a series of cubic modules of various colors. When displayed, these create a negative image of the stump, through which light projects the image of the tree, on the ground. Confidence in the past wherein the tree has lived, which is also the artist's own past, is the starting point from which he uses light to disassemble, divide, modify colors, and finally reassemble the metaphor of the illusion of existence.

Lorenzo Passi

 Il Palazzo Experimental
Fatto a Murano - Exhibiton and Dinner 

To celebrate The Venice Glass Week a dinner was held in the garden of the boutique hotel Il Palazzo Experimental which also hosted a capsule group exhibition of glassware curated by Nadia Romain and entitled Fatto a Murano.  The event was a evening to experience Murano Glass and Venetian food, the menu was especially created by The Italian Supper Club  and hosted by Nadja Romain and Alessandra Zoppi, who together with Servane Giol, Venetian writer and author of Soul of Venice held a discussion in the garden prior to the dinner.
Nadja Romain, Alessandra Zoppi and Servane Giol 
Nadja Romain and Servane Giol

Il Palazzo Experimental
Fatto a Murano - Exhibition
Dana Arbib - Marco Mencacci - Maria Grazia Rosin - 
Everything I Want X Laguna B + Irene Cattaneo
Everything I Want presented Fatto a Murano, a selection of glassware and vases hand blown in Murano, curated by Nadja Romain and hosted by Il Palazzo Experimental.  The curated shelves pay tribute to the uniqueness and magic of Murano glass.  The exhibition included works by Dana Arbib - Marco Mencacci - Maria Grazia Rosin and Everything I Want X Laguna B.
Everything I Want for Laguna B 
The collection was designed by Nadja and Philippe Romain in Paris, during the first lockdowm. It evolved out of a desire to create simple shapes and radiant colours when dreaming of the moment where joyful moments of celebration with friends would come back. The result is a collection of full bloom glassware made with Incamiciato technique inlaboration with Venice based company Laguna B

 Alessandra Zoppi

Alessandra Zoppi, together with her husband, is founder of the Alessandro Zoppi Gallery, she is photographed above with some outstanding pieces from their private collection.
Alessandro Zoppi

 Maria Grazia Rosin - Gioze

Maria Grazia Rosin lives and works in Venice. She studied under the guidance of Emilio Vedova at the Academy of Fine arts in Venice, where she graduated in 1983. In 1992, she began collaborating with the Maestri glass blowers in Murano, producing her first artworks in glass. This experience led her to broaden the visionary bi-dimensional concepts she had explored in her large scale paintings and embrace the three-dimensional potential that glass offered. Today, glass is the focus of her uniquely probing experimentation. Gioze is a new collection of glassware created to celebrate The Venice Glass Week and presented for the first time.

 Maria Grazia Rosin 

My clouds have reflective properties, and that comes from
the sky reflecting in the water. 
It reflects, and it helps me reflect".
Irene Cattaneo - Yugen

Scattered throughout the lush greenery of Il Palazzo Experimental's 16th century building's cloistered garden the exhibition Yugen - Cloudy Impenetrability which offers a glimpse into the shimmering landscape of Italian artist Irene Cattaneo’s creative practice. Dubbed ‘clouds’ these colourful bursts express a vibrant manifestation of Irene’s fascination with the interplay between the lagoon and its reflections, between light and the shifting surface of the sky.
Marco Mencacci - Boomerang Twig

Paris-based Marco Mencacci is a polyhedric architect and artist. He has a rich background, ranging from interior design, home decor to theatre and television scenography. Mencacci’s works with Murano glass are driven by an intimate understanding of the material, the Boomerang Twig presented here is realized in Murano by master glassmaker Andrea Zilio, a passionate guardian of the traditional Venetian techniques with whom Mencacci transforms the material of glass into plasma, evoking the living world of the abyss, tribal rituals, the reflections of oil or latex, the transparencies of sea creatures and the pearliness of shells.
 Lisa Woodward, France Thierard and Irene Cattaneo
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