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Murano - Fondazione Berengo Art Space - Glass to Glass - Exhibition - Berengo Studio - WonderGlass

Murano - Fondazione Berengo Art Space
Glass to Glass - Exhibition
Berengo Studio - WonderGlass
In  an old furnace, the perfect backdrop for modern glass design, at the Fondazione Berengo Art Space in Murano - until November 21- the exhibition Glass to Glass in which the world of contemporary art and the world of cutting-edge design meet through the medium of glass. As Berengo Studio and WonderGlass come together for this exhibition they affirm their affinities as two leading visionaries in the world of glass through a selection of works conceived by internationally acclaimed contemporary artists and designers in collaboration with the glass artisans of Murano.
 Nendo - Melt Chandelier
"A collaboration with Berengo Studio came as a natural fit..we realised that our passion and respect for glass deserved a major effort for Venice and Murano...we wanted to give the sector a new impulse and to showcase the endless possibilities that it has to offer."
Maurizio Mussati
Maurizio Musatti and Christian Musatti

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec - Alcova 
Alcova is a collection of geometric objects that create intimate landscapes when grouped, the collection was inspired by Giorgio Morandi's paintings. 
"Working with WonderGlass to highlight the outstanding variety 
present in the world of contemporary glass has been an incredible venture...bringing together contemporary artist to work in glass, so joining forces has secured our belief that creative collaboration and community
are essential elements for great art and design to thrive."
Adriano Berengo
Jane Rushton and Adriano Berengo

Krista Kim - Mars Polyhedron 
Inspired by Kyoto and her daily meditation practice, Kim's philosophy of meditative designs bring Zen into the digital age, and into her home.  The glass surface is designed to reflect the healing video art of the Mars House.
photograph courtesy Berengo Studio

 Maria Grazia Rosin - Mollis Lux 
A swarm of translucent, coloured spaceships arrives from outer space and whir playfully above our heads.  Their pulsating bodies are make of shiny, soft, sensual material.  Protruding from their sides and from their belly underneath, their bulbous eyes of glass are held in place by soft eyelids.  X-ray-like traces hint at their internal organs.

Zaha Hadid - Luma
Luma is a sculptural composition of tubular segments elegantly transforming into diamond shaped luminaries which subtly diffuse light with their materiality.  Each individual piece of glass has been hand-blown in Murano and celebrates the unrivaled logic and beauty found within nature. 

Edgardo Osorio - /Not all Chains Deter/
Are all chains binding?  An exaggerated scale initiates an interrogation of form, declaring the chain a site of community. Cast in vivid turquoise glass Osorio forces an audience to revaluate each link as a site of memory and identity, weighed with a symbolism of interconnected resilience, reliance rather than restriction. 

Andrew Huston

Andrea Anastasio - 9 to 5 
The work addresses the conventional way of splitting life into working time and leisure.  Is the utopia of "one whole time" possible?  has the internet and smart working shrunk our daily life into more cruel dimension?  The LED lights harnesses the classic Venetian chandelier into a brutal yet effective overlapping of scenarios.

Andrea Anastasio
Sam Baron - Guirlande 
Two strings of light intersect in the air.  These ornate vines present a striking contemporary reconfiguration of a traditional Venetian chandelier.  Unwound from a single source, light is spread in a horizontal chain across a series of hand-blown flowers and sprouting glass buds which appear to stretch out in a continual process of growth.
Nicola Gausin and Roberto Mavaracchio
Maestri glassblowers
Sebastian Brajkovic - The Mathematician #02 - Star 
In his glass Murano chandelier Brajkovic takes a mathematical approach, exploring elaborate formulae to calculate his compositions which branches emerge from clusters of pendent light to form dramatic matrices which appear to mirror each other in perfectly balanced designs. In Star he embraces a warmer spectrum, a  golden light that emanates with celestial style.

Sebastian Brajkovic

Gwenael Nicholas - (Curiosity) - Memory Shield
Memory Shield is as if it was composed of million of images, like memories captured into each piece of glass and connected with each other in a unique pattern.  The circular shape reflects the shape of the mind and how we perceive infinity in a defined object, as it can expand indefinitely. 

 Studiopluz - Simone Zecubi - Echoes 
Inspired by the origins of the universe, Echoes is a unique piece that creates an immersive visual and sound experience.  The piece is an illuminated sculpture comprised of a series of glass discs evocative of the gravitational waves coming from black holes.    
Simone Zecubi
Raw Edges - Horah
Horah reflects on the theme of light in dialogue with one of the essential aspects of contemporary living: sociability.  Inspired by Horah, the Israeli dance, it explores an ongoing theme of repetition, creating a lighting installation that is imbued with an essential quality in the dance: conviviality.

Maarten Baas - Making Up
Molten glass bulges from the ornate exterior of a series of antique mirrors.  An image which should remain still instead springs to life, animated and liquid spills out into the world, carrying with it its own sense of identity.  A break from repetition and reflection it creates a world of its own.

Nadja Romain

Dan Yeffet - Hollow
Light architecture and glass sculpture, Hollow makes light its object.  It captures light like a buoy captures air and sculpts it like matter.  Hollow embodies a new concept of a floor lamp, unlike traditional light that serves to light other objects, it demands to take centre stage commanding the space it occupies bringing matter into question.

Pamela Berry and Lapo Sagramoso


Lea Anouchinsky

Nendo - Melt  
Inspired by flexibility and the force of gravity, Melt was created through an unique and complex production: molten glass is poured into a square frame, where craftsmen simultaneously even out the surface.  The glass gradually cools and upon reaching a certain pliancy, it is placed into a steel shape where it slowly sinks or stretches to create an arch, allowing the natural drape of the material to reveal its form.












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