Friday, June 25, 2021

Fondazione Emilo e Annabianca Vedova - Georg Baselitz - Vedova Accendi la Luce

Magazzino del Sale - Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova
Georg Baselitz
Vedova Accendi la Luce
At the Fondazione Vedova in the Magazzino del Sale, until October 31 the exhibition Baselitz - Vedova Accendi la Luce - Vedova, Turn On the Light . George Baselitz in 2020 especially created some works based on painting "in the manner" of Vedova for this exhibition as a tribute by the German artist to the Venetian master. The exhibition consists of a series of pictures divided into two sequences, dedicated to his wife Elke Baselitz and to Emilio Vedova.   Each sequences is recognisable as such for their stylistic coherence while also distinguished by the witty wordplays - Witz - the artist deployed in their titles.

The great canvases - 3 meters high by 2.12 wide - are arranged along especially constructed white walls, in a rigorously cadenced configuration. 

The seven canvases dedicated to Vedova are for the most part monochrome or bicoloured and their titles afford the public a glimpse into the relationship between the artist and his longstanding friend Emilio Vedova.

"The dense magma of pigment, of matiere, typical of Baselitz's more
expressionistic works,
is diluted here...These are lively poetic creations."
Philip Rylands 
describes the ten canvases dedicated by Baselitz to his wife and to Speiseeis - ice cream 
The ice cream paintings, with their range of different flavours, are images of the artist's wife. They have been married more than sixty years and his first portrait of her dates back to 1969. 

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with 
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac - London - Paris - Salzburg.

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