Monday, September 14, 2020

The Venice Glass Week – Caterina Tognon – Richard Marquis – Lilla Tabasso – Denise Barr


Caterina Tognon – Vetro Contemporaneo Venezia
Richard Marquis – The Best of Two Worlds

During The Venice Glass Week 2020 - until November 21 - Caterina Tognon presents: Richard Marquis, the best of the two worlds.  Simultaneously some iconic works by the artist are on show at Le Stanze del Vetro. Richard (Dick) Marquis, is a towering figure in the American Studio Glass movement, he has been invigorating the art world for fifty years with works embodying a rare combination of finesse, intellect, and whimsy. The sacred side of his work is expressed through his obsessive technique, and deep respect for history. The profane side is expressed through his irreverent use of his skills and visual iconoclasm: cheap knickknacks combined with highly crafted objects.

Caterina Tognon

Matteo and Susanne Thun

Caterina Tognon – Vetro Contemporaneo Venezia
Lilla Tabasso - Nature will always prevail
Hotel Bauer Palazzo

Dull, drooping and shriveled thistles and turgid and exuberant rosehip buds, eager to display all their fragrant and luxuriant freshness; floppy and burnished tulips and flourishing peonies; explosive oranges and faded greens; decadence and radiance, autumn and summer, shadow and light, life and death. In Lilla Tabasso’s hyper-realistic floral compositions, on show at the Bauer Palazzo Hotel - September 21 - the contradictions, imperfections and fears of the human being are embodied in the most delicate and ephemeral creations on earth, taking shape in glass, symbol of fragility. The works, each one unique, are created without preparatory drawings and in a precise emotional moment, each one having a life of its own. It can take shape in the artist’s mind before she even heats the “torch” of the flame.
Lilla Tabasso - Muretto Erbacce – 2020
Lilla Tabasso – Zolla Fiori Selvatici - 2020


Caterina Tognon - Vetro contemporaneo Venezia

Denise Barr and Richard Marquis: divetro e dargento

'I have always used found objects in my jewels.  I believe they help to tell a story, 
of shared memories and experiences.  When they set a found treasure, it becomes more precious and can stand right next to any other precious stone."
Denise Barr

The exhibition - Denise Barr and Richard Marquis: divetro e dargento - until September 27 - at the Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel offers a selection of silver jewelry handcrafted by the American artist Denise Barr, embellished with the murrine of Richard Marquis, a famous American artist and master glassmaker, in a perfect combination of metal and glass. Denise Barr has been producing jewels for over thirty years, made with objets trouves. Richard Marquis in 1968 was a resident artist in Venice at the famous Venini furnace. Here he learnt the techniques of blowing, filigree and murrine from the best Murano masters. Returning to the United States, he combines this executive ability with new and experimental artistic approaches, soon arriving at the re-definition of blown glass as an important medium for visual art.

"When Dick Marquis saw my jewelry, he suggested the possibility of including some of his murrine. I am enormously surprised by the incredible and accurate work behind the making of a murrina. They are little jewels themselves and I am 

honored to have the opportunity to include Dick's murrina in my jewels."

Denise Barr

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