Monday, May 18, 2020

Pace Gallery – Zoom Preview Opening – Nigel Cooke – Midnights - Online Exhibition

“…celebrate the peaceful unity of the night, the precious value isolation holds for creative expression.”
Nigel Cooke

Pace Gallery
Nigel Cooke – Midnights
Digital Studio Visit – Online Exhibition

Via Zoom, Pace Gallery presented the solo online exhibition, until June 2, of Nigel Cooke: Midnights with a digital studio visit moderated by Pace Gallery’s Curatorial Director Mark Beasley.   Midnights comprises a series of 6 new works on paper that build on the artist’s recent presentation at Pace Gallery in New York, which reflect the artist’s continued exploration of abstraction during quarantine over the past months.

Nigel Cooke

Copyright - Nigel Cooke - Courtesy Pace Gallery

These large-scale drawings, composed with dark hues of blue and black, were made after twilight while Cooke was in isolation at his studio in Canterbury, UK this March and April. As an artist, Cooke shares that he is “naturally self-isolating,” but has taken this extra step of working in the night to “fall out of step with the schedule of the local world one extra degree,” a state which “feels more recognizable as the usual conditions for art making.”

Nigel Cooke – Midnight – Islands 

“Midnight blue has become the core dark light of these new paintings on paper, weaving together an acceptance of what is, and a hope for what might come in a single unbroken gesture. It speaks to me of the darkest point before the return of the light. Made after twilight, these works are in a sense an inversion of the previous way of working, the same approach flipped for a parallel but unfamiliar moment.”
Nigel Cooke

The artist notes that creating at night allows for “a space for deeper thought” and the works in this series “celebrate the peaceful unity of the night, the precious value isolation holds for creative expression.” 

 Copyright - Nigel Cooke - Courtesy Pace Gallery

Nigel Cooke – Midnight – Horizon

Mark Beasley
Pace Gallery - Curatorial Director

 The Studio
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