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Venice: The Venice Glass Week 2019 – L’Angolo del Passato – Laura de Santillana – Antonia Miletto – Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo – Edmond a Venise – Chiarastella Cattana

Around Venice
The Venice Glass Week

In its third edition, The Venice Glass Week, an international festival dedicated to celebrating, supporting and promoting the art of glassmaking – the artistic and economic activity for which the Lagoon City has been renowned around the world for over 1000 years took place. The festival, which boast more than 180 events and 150 venues is promoted by the Town Council of Venice, and conceived and organized by Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Le Stanze del Vetro, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti and Consorzio Promovetro Murano.

 L'Angolo del Passato di Giordana Naccari
Gianni Seguso – Caged Paradise

Maestro glass maker Gianni Seguso, who through his ability and experience is capable of creating both classic and modern glass pieces, specializes in figurative sculpture. Caged Paradise was inspired by historical Rezzonico-style chandeliers, inside human and animal shapes compose a sort of Eden, captive within the glass cage that is fully illuminated. 

Giordana Naccari

 Laura de Santilana – Studio
Laura de Santillana – Franco Mazzucchelli – Soffi

The exhibition - Soffi - curated by Sabino Maria Frassa, is on show, by appointment, in the studio of glass designer Laura de Santillana on the Isola della Giudecca. Promoted by Cramum, this exhibition underlines the strong connection between Laura de Santillana's and Franco Mazzucchelli's works: glass and plastic share the fact of being generated by air. Indeed “Soffio” is an Italian word meaning both breath and blow. 

Laura de Santillana – Franco Mazzucchelli  

Mazzucchelli and de Santillana consider the air of breaths and blows as a unique and essential element which can transform the – raw - material giving it life, order and definite shape. Until air is not blown and imprisoned inside, Mazzucchelli's works are shapeless plastic material. In the same way, the famous – deflated - sgonfiati - or the – Faithful – Fedeli - by Laura de Santillana would not exist without being first blown-glass volumes. 

 Laura de Santillana – Franco Mazzucchelli

Even though both artists pay attention to the harmony and the balance of the final work, the - soffi - become so important in the artistic process as to determine the work itself. The artist cannot but wait and be linked to the unpredictability and the mystery of the creation he/she has started and that is completed only ... thanks to the – soffio.

Antonia Miletto Gioielli
Laura de Santillana - Maria Grazia Rosin  
Lilla Tabasso with Antonia Miletto

Sympathy is a collaboration between Antonia Miletto, jewelry designer and three women artists working in glass: Laura de Santillana, Maria Grazia Rosin and Lilla Tabasso. The show, inspired by Miletto’s appreciation for the artistic visions of these artists, searches the possibility to entwine sophisticated women minds and materials, the precious and non-precious, in order to create objects that are both sculptures and unique pieces of jewelry.
Maria Grazia Rosin Antonia Miletto - rings

The art works produced exclusively for this exhibition are the result of a complex creative collaboration and the work of highly talented craftsmen, the glass in its different forms and incorporated with exotic woods, resin, gemstones and gold is always at the center of these pieces.

Laure de Santillana – Antonia Miletto - necklace

Laure de Santillana – Antonia Miletto – necklace

Lilla Tabasso – Antonia Miletto – pendent


Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo
Vaclav Cigler and Michal Motycka - Prisms and Cylinders

The expression Land Art enters the lexicon of contemporary art in the late '60s mainly in relation to American artists. But already in 1959 Vaclav Cigler, class 1929, entrusted on paper projects that could not be defined, if not with that specific expression. Present in the gallery, until November 24, a selection of works on paper by Cigler dated 1956-1967, the only witnesses of the ambitious vision of the artist: given the limited means at his disposal at the time, the works remained at project stage. Also, in the exhibition a series of glass objects which reproposes the dual identity of the drawings: autonomous creations - optical glass sculptures of pure forms, of minimalist inspiration, - but also maquettes for installations in glass, or other materials.

Caterina Tognon

“Glass is a magical, and in some sense spiritual, material.
Optical glass,
which I have been working with since the late1950s, is a material that has been developed for technical and scientific purposes. Working with it, one can discover the secrets of the micro and macro world and see
a world that is different from the world one sees with the naked eye. The optical properties of glass are therefore artistic and aesthetic means for me with the help of which I can introduce to the viewer a work featuring
new shapes, lights and colors.”
Vaclav Cigler

Palazzo Contarini Polignac – Edmond a Venise

Judi harvest - The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice

The first of a series of children books written and illustrated by Judi Harvest - The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice – was presented at Palazzo Contarini Polignac during The Venice Glass Week 2019 together with a combination of her one of a kind glassworks, illustrations and watercolors connected to the book.

Judi Harvest
The Beekeeper – oil on linen – painting
Honey Vases with Branches – Murano glass –
Gigante – Murano Glass and wire – Alveare Verde - Murano glass -

Judi Harvest


The honeybees start their journey from the Honey Garden in Murano that Judi Harvest had planted in 2013 on a forgotten field behind the Giorgio Giuman Glass Factory on Sacca Serenella which today has become a beautiful flourishing garden hosting 7 honeybee colonies. Vaporettos are essential in their commuting as they do not swim and the Laguna di Venezia does not have many places for a honeybee to rest. This exhibition, while relating the viewer to these marvelous, spiritual creatures, also wanted to bring awareness to the endangered honeybees and Murano Glass Masters - two colonies of fragile, fundamental beauty. It is as much about our wild and precious lives as is about the Honeybees. Like a honeycomb, everything is connected.


Judi Harvest

The Mysterious Travelling Honeybees of Venice - book

Api-Retto - 4.2 - wooden model of vaporetto with Murano Glass – 2019

Photograph courtesy Judi Harvest

Judi Harvest - Burano - watercolor – 2019

Palazzo Contarini Polignac – Androne
Muriel Balensi – Butterfly Action Beauty

“Can the beating of wings of a butterfly in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?" In 1963, Edward Lorenz formulated this mathematical theory of chaos with this metaphor. Like the mathematician, Muriel Balensi believes in the microcosm and creates a steel-knit weave of 14 butterflies each crowning one of her Murano pearls.

Chiarastella Cattana Venezia
Laura Sattin – Glass Threads

Laura Sattin is an Italian architect and designer who lives and works between Venice and Basel. Her work is distinguished by the continuous reflection on the context surrounding her. For Chiarastella Cattana’s store, Laura developed a theme that is linked to the work of the fabric designer - Glass Threads. Objects whose common denominator is the use of mezza filigrana, a refined and complex glass-working technique that creates wefts and weaves of threads on the glass surface. This ancient technique is used to create new patterns and melange of colors in objects that combine traditional crafts and contemporary aesthetics.

Laura Sattin
architect – designer

Chiarastella Cattana
fabric designer

Text courtesy - The Venice Glass Week 2019

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