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Follina – Treviso – Lanificio Paoletti – La Via della Lana - Ritorno in Fabrica - Event

Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Lanificio Paoletti – Follina
La Via della Lana - Ritorno in Fabrica
Return to the Factory

Return to the Factory was the title of the sixth edition of La Via della Lana – the route of wool - an open weekend at the wool mill, Lanificio Paoletti dal 1795 in Follina in the province of Treviso. Rich in events, celebrating combined history and memory, past and future, work and beauty and the culture of work by transforming the factory into a place full of activities; conferences, workshops, encounters, art installations, pop-up shops, historical archives, live music, food, beer, cinema and a bookstore.

Hypercomf – Ioannis Kaliopoulos and Paola Palavidi
Fede – art installation

Historical Archives
Return to the Factory

The title, Return to the Factory, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the return of the workers and the Paoletti family to Follina from the long exile after the dramatic events of 1917-18. The damage is counted, the factory reopens, the siren returns to ring and the frames start beating again.
The Wool Recipe for Dyeing the colour Scarlet

Between those walls, inside those departments, between noises and smells, innovation and history meet, past and future ... for centuries. And as long as we hear the frames beat, the thread of memory stretches to always build new plots, always with confidence and courage, because the challenges are many.”
Danilo Gasperini

Heritage Collection
Fabric developed from research within the company’s archives

Sample Sale
wool fabric by the meter

Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

CEO Paolo Paoletti and sales manager Marco Paoletti

Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Matter that Advances – Art Installations

Federico Lanaro - Massimiliano Fabbri - Nicola Alessandrini Hypercomf - Francesco Bocchini - Enej Gala
Denis Riva – curator

Travel, matter, displacements, mechanics, migrations, frequencies, flying wool, carriages, boxes, bales, electric cabins, journeys
In the labyrinthine spaces of Lanificio Paoletti, in a widespread collective exhibition, six artists occupied and regenerated places that were in a dormant state.

Nicola Alessandrini - Lisa Gelli – Specie Migranti
site-specific - mural

Enej Gala – Bulli

  Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Massimiliano Fabbri – Memoria Vegetale
crescita mondo giardino foresta notte – 2015-16

Francesco Bocchini   
L’impero dei sensi e degli appauditori sempre ciechi – 2018
L’illusionista Fedro Marvelli – 2013
L’elefante vinciano – 2015
Mechanical art works

Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Federico Lanaro - Virtu – 2017

Enrico Padoin - art curator Denis Riva

Conferences – Encounters – Talks

president Andrea Paoletti with Syklos

  Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Magazzino Coloranti
Art - Denis Riva

historian Danilo Gasperini

Bancarella del Libro in Lanificio
Vera Salton – Il Treno di Bogota
Bookshop - Vittorio Veneto

Beer Truck
Birra Follina

Pop-up Store
Talking Hands
Il Ritorno in Fabbrica di Mixite

A project born with the Talking Hands workshop in Treviso, which encourages refugees and asylum seekers to tell their stories, their places of origin, their journeys and their dreams with fashion. The 15 participants today are of 7 different nationalities, they work by learning new skills and trades as part of a network of associative subjects and informal groups, supported by international designers.
Photographs - Francesco De Luca

Talking Hands
blacksmith Lamin Touray tailor Sanryo Cissey founder and project
co-ordinator Fabrizio Urettini tailor Ansumana Kinteh tailor Lamin Saidy

 Talking Hands
fabric consultant Anna Clara Zambon and designer Anthony Knight

Ricampionario - Re-sampling
Eleonora Gasparini - Anna Poletti - Denis Riva

First appearance of a new project that promotes interaction between fashion designers and artists for creating unique garments using production scraps and sample from the Lanificio Paoletti.   For this occasion, a preview of the works of Eleonora Gasparini, Anna Poletti and artist Denis Riva, a collection of wearable works.


Botteghe Temporanee - Pop-Up Stores

Elisa Zanin - Anita Possamai - Cristina Secco - Isotta Dardilli, Raffaella Brunzin - Marzia Camerin - Clizia Moradei - Francesca Paolin - Annalisa Cescon - Vilma Tonon - Anahita Matin - Monica Gorza - Valentina Balducci
Anna Clara Zambon - curator

Valentina Balducci and Monica Gorza

Tania Harvey and Anita Possamai

Photograph and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Musica in Lanificio - Music in the Wool Mill
Joy Jazz Band

Photographs and copyright – Manfredi Bellati

Osteria del Tessitore
 Weaver’s Tavern
Food and wine corner in the Turbine Room with tastings and entertainment.

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