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Asolo: Villa di Maser - Villa Barbaro – Casa di Vita – Armonia del Tempo – Exhibition – Party Photos

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Villa di Maser - Villa Barbaro
Casa di Vita – Armonia del Tempo – Contemporary Art Exhibition

For the first time, in one of the greatest masterpieces of Andrea Palladio, frescoed by Paolo Veronese, until September 15, the Villa di MaserVilla Barbaro, opens its door and gardens to the contemporary art exhibition, Casa di Vita – Armonia del Tempo, titled from a definition by Palladio. Curated by Simonetta Gorreri Casini in collaboration with Giovanna Poggi Marchesi and Villa di Maser, it brings together twenty national and international artists who interpret the Palladian miracle in contemporary art form. The site-specific exhibition also highlights the relationship between architecture and territory, in synergy with a study/research conducted by the IUAV Faculty of Architecture in Venice.

Petra Liebl-Osborne - Germany
... Acqua Fluente
The theme of containment of virtual water comes from the spring water that flows downwards behind the villa following the route of Palladio’s water way.

The Opening Ceremony
curator – dignitaries - artists - cut the tricolor ribbon

Giovanna Poggi Marchesi, Vittorio Dalle Ore, Simonetta Gorreri Casini, Claudia Benedos and Cristiano Corazzari

The Artists
Julia Artico - Austin Camilleri - Waltraut Cooper - Candida Ferrari - Nicoletta Freti - Doron Gazit - Daniela Lazzari - Petra Liebl-Osborne - Mannocci - Perrone - Chicco Margaroli – Marisa Merlin - Cristiana Moldi Ravenna - Silvio Monti - Riccardo Murelli - Maria Grazia Rosin - Giovanni Sala - Lorella Salvagni - Livio Seguso - Paolo Stefani - Barbara Toffano

Simonetta Gorreri Casini, Claudia Benedos,
Giovanna Poggi Marchesi and Vittorio Dalle Ore

Sala a Crociera
Livio Seguso
Ripartizione Organica - 2017
Venice - Italy

Giorgiana and Lalo Bianchini d'Alberigo

Petra Liebl-Osborne
Artist – Artwork - Acqua Fluente - above

Alberto and Barbara Passi de Preposulo

Sala a Crociera
Chicco Margaroli – La Natura del Presente
Aosta – Italy
Small transparent chests that recall antique glass, made of protein jelly - box the leaves that fell last winter from the walnut trees planted in the back of the Villa.

 Carlo Marchesi 

Waltrault Cooper – Palladio Nella Luce
Artist – Austria
Eight columns to the right and left of the central body – barchesse - of the villa are enhanced by light to emphasize the Palladian symmetries.

Private Wing – Count Enrico Luling Buschetti’s Studio
Fresco – Paolo Veronese – self portrait
Maria Grazia Rosin – D’Arzento Landscape – Riflessione Riflessa
Venice – Italy
The strength and the quality of the illusionistic space in the frescos of Paolo Veronese pave the way to the imaginary landscapes of make-believe inhabitants and architecture that somehow seem to blend as one with the real scenery outside the windows.

Stanza del Cane
Silvio Monti – Giano di Fronte
Varese – Italy
Two large faces size up each other while words and signs appear to add movement.  Play on mirrored symmetry between myth and fable, chaos and enigma.


Private Wing – Countess Marina Volpi’s Room
Fresco – Paolo Veronese - Wife – Elena Caliari
Gianni Mannocci and Caterina Perrone – Giochi Visivi
In the spirit of Palladio's design that creates continuity between interiors and exteriors with the use of frescoes and trompe l'oeil, the work is connected to Water Art, building an image of water through an anamorphic process.

  Gianni Mannocci
  Caterina Perrone

Maria Lai and Simonetta Gorreri – Libri D’Artista

 Sala a Crociera
Nicoletta Freti – Moving Life
Bergamo – Italy
The operation uses a Fresnel lens which intercepts the image of the Nymphaeum garden and projects it onto a screen of paper hanging near the main entrance, in the Sala a Crociera.

Nymphaeum Pool
Austin Camilleri – Carte Galleggianti
The geometry of the villa is a fascinating system of communication.  Everything: stone, garden, water and lawn stimulates the eye further.

Nymphaeum Pool
Lorella Salvagni - Germogli di Geometria - above
Mantova – Italy
The labyrinth begins when the path to follow starts to breakup into many different routes and unfolds into myriad opportunities for choice.

Alessandra Collalto and Alessandro Kechler

Barbara Foscari

Stanza del Tribunale d’Amore
Daniela Lazzari – Grandi Libri – D’Arte
Mogliano Veneto – Italy
The theme is the history of the Villa Barbaro in Maser - selected characteristics of 16th Century architecture and the language used to describe the villa in Palladio’s four books on the subject.

Gabriella and Vettor Sammartini

Irina Ivancich Marchesi

Checco Lopez and Francesca Franchin

 Alberto Damian and Franca Goppion

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Sala a Crociera
Cristiana Moldi Ravenna – Mateldi
Venice - Italy
The title takes its cue from a fresco in which Paolo Veronese painted Matelda. The episode refers to song 28 of Dante’s Purgatory where we read about him meeting Matelda.

Susanna Ciani Bassetti, Maruzza Bianchi Michiel and Giuliana Collalto

 Manuel Carrion

Pamela Berry, Alessandro Tussett and Victoria Diaz de Santillana

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Doron Gazit – Red Line
The site-specific work is carried out based on a design that can be modulated with the materials chosen by the artist across the landscape, attracting the attention of the observer without obscuring it.

Giovanni Sala – La Grande Fragilita
Parma – Italy
This sculpture suggests the fragility of art.  The butterfly, in all its beauty and fragility risks extinction because of man’s indifference.

Julia Artico – Vita Nova
Udine – Italy
This pentad – the fruit of a chance encounter with a conference by Rudolf Steiner on bees – generated the shape of Vita Nova.

 Barbara Toffano – Ali di Libellula
Venice – Italy
A question mark that imposes itself on the interaction between man and nature and the predominance of the one over the rhythms of the other.  Where is the point of balance?

Candida Ferrari – Abbraccio
Parma - Italy
The symmetry of the two cylinders that contrast each other in a symbolic embrace participates in the geometry of the Italian garden.

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Riccardo Murelli – Ellittica
Perugia - Italy
The elliptical shell of the sculpture recalls the trajectory of the planets in the solar system, and, unlike the circle that involves only one center, the ellipse has two centers.

Giovanna Poggi Marchesi and Vittorio Dalle Ore

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

The Kooikerhondje Spaniels of Villa Barbaro




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