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Venice: Not Only Biennale – Palazzo Barbaro – Getulio Alviani – Anthropometry

Palazzo Barbaro
Getulio Alviani – Anthropometry

“My love is the future”

In occasion of the 58th International Art Exhibition Biennale di Venezia in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Barbaro, until May 30*, on the Canal Grande the exhibition dedicated to the late Getulio AlvianiAnthropometry – involving different artists, an experience that spaces between art, fashion, jewellery, music and theatrical performance. Anthropometry was conceived and created by Diora Fraglica Alviani for the Getulio Alviani Foundation, in collaboration with Carolina Piccolomini Lantieri and Elizabeth Royer-Grimblat.

Performance - Ligia Cortez
Pietro Grossi – A Single Act of Time – text - Getulio Alviani
Getulio Alviani – Cerchio + Quadrato – dress - 1965

Photograph - courtesy - Getulio Alviani Foundation – Silvia Negri Firman

Palazzo Barbaro
Getulio Alviani – Anthropometry

Anthropometry is a celebration of Getulio Alviani and his friends and colleagues; Yaacov Agam, Josef Albers, Hans Arp, Max Bill, Alexander Calder, Enrico Castellani, Tony Costa, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Piero Manzoni, Enzo Mari, Almir Mavignier, Franccois Morellet, Man Ray and Paolo Scheggi, who participate with their works in "a single act of the time".  

Photograph by Toffoletti – courtesy - Getulio Alviani Foundation

Getulio Alviani
Getulio Alviani, was the multifaceted artist who liked to call himself plastic creator and an apostle of the movement of kinetic Art and Op-Art.

 We have thought of an interdisciplinary proposal that revolves around Alvani’s vision. Anthropometry for the artist is transformed with the movement of the wearer, into an organism that produces images in continuous evolution ".
Diora Fraglica Alviani
president - Getulio Alviani Foundation

Mariuccia Casadio and Diora Fraglica Alviani

Getulio Alviani – Anthropometry

Vittorio Sgarbi illustrated the influences between art, fashion, design and sound, in a continuous flow of creations and Brazilian actress, theater director, art professor and researcher Liigia Cortez, previously directed by Bob Wilson in A dama do mar performed on the notes of Pietro Grossi in the play Atto sole del tempo, text by Getulio Alviani.

Vittorio Sgarbi and Ligia Cortez

 Photograph - courtesy - Getulio Alviani FoundationSilvia Negri Firman

Olen Cesari

Olen Cesari, one of the most famous eclectic and virtuoso composers in the world, played Anthopometry with his dematerialized violin.

Carolina Piccolomini Lantieri

Elizabeth Royer-Grimblat

The Clothes

“At the time the presentation of a dress was not an appearance but an emanation of a thought, a concept. Today, if I were called to design fabrics and clothes, I would either repeat those already made giving it the date of that time, or I would design in the most advanced way, as it was then, trying to see the future in logical terms. Even fashion, like everything we do and produce, should always be the result of the union between the maximum knowledge of the "state of things" and the most advanced, progressive evolved idea. These components make objects right, making them become the document of positive contemporaneity”.
Getulio Alviani – 1965

The clothes on display were born in the 60s from the collaboration between designer Germana Marucelli and Getulio Alviani who designed the fabrics starting from his kinetic-visual experiments around the refractions of light on metal surfaces. These refractions create the optical effects that Marucelli realized could be applied on its refined sartorial production. 

Deborah Murat and Caroline Murat

  Photograph - courtesy - Getulio Alviani Foundation – Silvia Negri Firman

Palazzo Barbaro
Getulio Alviani – Anthropometry

Diora Fraglica Alviani
Concavo Converso

The Jewels

The jewels designed by Getulio Alviani Cerchi Virtuali and Mono-orecchino are presented, both born from the concept of free movement in space and light, as wearable sculptures. 

Pams Francoise

Photograph - courtesy - Getulio Alviani FoundationSilvia Negri Firman

Claude Bernard and Julian Hargreaves

  Photograph - courtesy - Getulio Alviani FoundationSilvia Negri Firman

Lorenzo Wirz Castellani

Photograph - courtesy - Getulio Alviani FoundationSilvia Negri Firman

Getulio Alviani - Bat(h)tape – 1966

*Open to the public until 30th of May
From 10am to 6pm – by appointment only contacting the Getulio Alviani Foundation 
+39 02 50043677 or

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