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Museo del Gioiello Vicenza - Jewels of Power - Crowns and Tiaras - Exhibition

Museo del Gioiello Vicenza
Jewels of Power: Crowns and Tiaras

In the Museo del Gioiello Vicenza, inside the Basilica Palladiana, the exhibition, Jewels of Power: Crowns and Tiaras, curated by Alessandra Possamai, is on show until March 17. The exhibition provides a selection of crowns and tiaras from different ages and contexts, from high jewelry to fashion: these artifacts, symbols par excellence of political and economic power, have spelt out the history of humanity and sanctioned the hierarchical division that distinguishes society from the Paleolithic Age to modern democracies, and leading fashion houses have brought them back to the fore over the last 15 years.

Segio Cielo - for Miss Italia – 2004

 photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati

 “The exhibition is an excursion among crowns and tiaras of the past and present focusing attention on what they are and what they have been. An authentic leap into the tastes and styles of different eras through the works of great artists. A world of creative interest, a testing ground for contemporary goldsmiths and designers. The jewelry items in this exhibition are a sign of the gold art excellence, characterized by attention to detail and quality workmanship, which made Italian craftsmanship great throughout the world.” 

Alessandra Possamai

Gioielleria Ballarino Cavour – 2010

Crown – 1700

Guazza – 2010
Gerardo Sacco - for the theatrical adaption - I Promessi Sposi - Michele Guardi

“Over the last fifteen years, the imaginative impertinence of fashion has brought crowns, ultimate symbols of royalty, back to the fore. Fashion has always absorbed and generated strong iconic values and crowns are powerful inspirations due to their immediate and universal symbolism… Alessandra Possamai has cleverly interwoven different times and contexts, displaying crowns and tiaras from high jewelry to fashion, confirming and extending the Jewelry Museum’s pluralistic and inclusive spirit.

Alba Cappellieri
Director of Museo del Gioiello

Gerardo Sacco – for Elizabeth Taylor – Il Giovane Toscanini
Franco Zeffirelli – 1988

Gerardo Sacco – for Monica Bellucci – N(Io e Napoleone –
Paolo Virzi – 2006

  photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati

Paltimiro Fiorenza – 2002

Gerardo Sacco – for Alan BatesHamlet – Franco Zeffirelli – 1990

Sharra Pagano - 1980s-1990s

Photograph courtesy Museo del Gioiello Vicenza

Vita Alberta – 2018

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