Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Venice – Not Only Biennale - Palazzo Morosini – Design After Darwin – Adapted to Adaptability

Not Only Biennale - Design
Palazzo Morosini
Design After Darwin – Adapted to Adaptability

 At Palazzo Morosini, the group exhibition, entitled “Design After Darwin. Adapted to Adaptability”, until June17, is curated Luca Berta, Francesca Giubilei and Alice Stori Liechenstein. The curatorial theme of the Design.Ve 2018 edition aimed to showcase design’s ability to be receptive to alternative uses as the function multiplies and stratifies, contrary to a notion of any singular predetermined use. In a society where functions continuously evolve, design becomes an active component in the transformation of everyday life, capable of simultaneously reinventing the pre-existing imaginings of the past and interacting with the unpredictable paths of the future.

Daisuke Motogi
gold plated tube furniture

Federico Peri – Nilufar Gallery
Living in a Chair – 2015

Gilles Masse, Vlasta Kubusova, Denise Neri, Ewan MCEoin, Alice Stori Lichenstein and Francesco Pace

Vlasta Kubusova + MiroslavvKral - Crafting Plastics
Bioplastic Universe – lights

Francesco Pace – Tellurico

 Maarten de Ceular – Nilufar Gallery
Chest of Suitcases – 2013

Lucas Munoz
Rock and Roll Skateboard – 2014

Odd Matter Studio
86Hours – 2017

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