Friday, June 08, 2018

Venice - Not Only Biennale – Palazzo Ferro Fini – Nancy Genn – Architecture from Within - Art

The Layering of materials in my paintings, handmade paper constructs and sculptures continue to be an essential part of my art making process.”

Not Only Biennale - Art
Palazzo Ferro Fini
Nancy Genn – Architecture from Within
For the first time in Venice, Nancy Genn’s powerful paintings, sculptures, handmade paper works and prints are on display in a solo show entitled Nancy Genn: Architecture from Within, until August 7, curated by Francesca Valente and housed at Palazzo Ferro Fini, one of Venice’s most significant historic palaces, today the home of the Regional Council of Venice.

Francesca Valente and Nancy Genn

Nancy Genn
Architecture from Within
Nancy Genn is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural Californian artist who 
has been a major contributor to the history of post-war American art in the fields of gestural abstraction and abstract expressionism. Her career has spanned several generations, revealing her to be equally gifted in drawing, painting, sculpting, paper- and printmaking. An indefatigable traveler who continuously explores new techniques, Nancy Genn successfully melds western Modernism and Asian aesthetics into a personal and public synthesis. 

Nancy Genn
Architecture from Within
Many of her paintings on handmade paper are inspired by the water, fog, and ever- changing atmosphere of San Francisco, where she was born and raised, and which Genn continues to call home. There is no better place to display an oeuvre so closely associated with the Bay than a palazzo overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal. Coinciding with the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture, this display of selected works by Genn configures an interior architecture, which propels the viewer into a rarefied, continually changing dimension, leaving us with an archaic sense of wonder.


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