Sunday, May 13, 2018

New York: John Derian – New Store in the West Village

 John Derian – New Store
18 Christopher Street – West Village

Depcoupage artist John Derian’s brand new store already looks very comfortable in a building constructed before the Civil War on a quiet and very charming street in Greenwich Village. The storefront even boasts a very old Wisteria vine and a little dog, which appropriately greets you at the entrance, in what used to be a pet store.
Livia Cetti – handmade paper flowers
papier-mache birds

John Derian

“Once I saw the space, I was inspired to do the front like the Astier de Villatte shop in Paris. It was an 18th-century pharmacy with cool cubbies and a lot of charm. Their work looks beautiful in that space, and I thought it would be great to repeat.”
John Derian

In the front room of John’s fourth store in New York City, and his first store in the West Village you can find his handmade decoupage pieces and the Astier de Villatte ceramics.
Astier de Villatte – ceramics
John Derian – decoupage plates and paperweights
Chris Bassett - flower arrangement 

 “I did the back of the space like my house in Provincetown; the simple paneled walls were made with actual 18th-century boards from a house upstate.”
John Derian

With the help of Kevin Thompson, a film-production designer and friend, the two rooms of the store were renovated to have an aged feel. They kept the original flooring in the front room and windows in the back room, the sepia-rose wallpaper from John’s design for Designers Guild was sun bleached. The back room mostly contains soft goods and was inspired by John’s house in Provincetown and like the front room has a fireplace.
Designers Guild - wallpaper – designed by John Derian
John Derian Picture BookArtisan books

Hugo Guinness
New Work - paintings

  soft goods and pillows

Hugo Guinness – paintings
19th-century toy horse
Nathalie Farman-Farma – lampshades
Chris Bassett - flower arrangement 

Astier de VillatteProvincetown candle
Chris Bassett - flower arrangement

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