Thursday, January 18, 2018

Veneto – Ode to Prosecco

Nally Bellati - A Prosecco Vineyard in Winter
instagram: contessanally

 Ode to Prosecco #1
 "...Don't be light as a feather, be light as a bird.”
Life is but a landscape
unnoticeably passing by
we can sit back and watch it
or reach for the sky

Paths to follow
mountains to climb
stretching before us
like the passage of time

Each new day
casts varying light
inspiring thought
provoking insight

Never a blank canvas
nor a closed book
for with each new season
comes a brand new look

Softly as the snow falls
gentle as a breeze
raging as a gail
that tears through the trees

Laid out before us
need we enquire
nature intended
life to inspire
Denise Newton

 Nally Bellati - Prosecco Grapes
instagram: contessanally

Ode To Prosecco #2
Wizened vines heavy with their loads
Waiting to be relieved, to rest again
Morning mist and midday furnace
The work is urgent, the vintage sweet

As fatigue and sweat become intense
The church bell signs a needed break
An olive tree gives welcome shade
It's harvest still in infancy

A linen cloth beneath those branches
A place to spread a hearty lunch
Parma ham, ciabatta bread
The Dolcelatte deftly spread

Glistening rough and ruby wine
Slips from grainy earthen jugs
To restore life and health and heart
For this is as it ever was
Gino Della-Ragione

  Photograph courtesy Vallis Mareni

Ode To Prosecco #3
"Fly away to Veneto
and sample the wine
'neath the shade of the bell tower
the Ombra's devine"
Dee O'mahony

The poems above were submitted for the Ombra Poetry Competition, created to promote Ombra Prosecco in the U.K. The poems had to be inspired by Paul Valery’s quote: “Don’t’ be light as a feather, be light as a bird…” The winner won a week-end for two people in the Prosecco area and Venice!

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