Thursday, November 16, 2017

New York: Public Hotel and Public Kitchen


Our idea was to stack these two very distinct typologies on top of each other, on one hand to express their difference, while on the other to unify them within the same building skeleton. It was also our aim to complement them with a diverse mix of uses so that the building becomes like a city within the city. “
Herzog and DeMeuron

Public New York
Public is the new Ian Schrager hotel designed by award winning architects Herzog and DeMeuron. Located in the Bowery, the rapidly evolving cultural and artistic district in the center of Lower Manhattan, the hotel complex also offers a grocery, coffee shop, bars, trendy communal areas, a shop and a Jean-Georges’ restaurant.

Public New York
Taking the pretension out of luxury is important new idea. Hopefully it’s something that will change the industry. I always liked the idea of making cool things, sophisticated things, available to everybody.”
Ian Schrager
Going through a garden, spectacular, museum like, neon lit, mirrored escalators take you up to the lobby and hotel check-in. Beside the escalators a grocery store market serves gourmet organic “slow food” which guests can enjoy in the Louis communal area, work while they eat or take a snack to go.  

The Lobby
Great Service Great Style Great Fun Great Price
The hotel lobby and Lobby Bar is where lines blur between fun, socializing and culture. It is the hotel’s heartbeat and social hub with comfortable seating, easy power outlets where community comes to life.

"Public kitchen is the best of "New York" food, "World Food" really and all of the cultures that make up the eclectic mix and melting pot that is New York City.”
Jean-George Vongerichten

Public Kitchen
Public Kitchen features a smoker, a wood-burning grill and the eclectic menu, which is meant to be shared, it is executed by chef Thomas McKenna.

Popcorn-Cheddar Frico - Chives -  Crushed Chili

  Spicy Tuna Tartare  - Ginger Yuzu - Puffed Rice Crackers

Peach and Blackberry Cobbler
Caramelized Puff Pastry -  Blackberry, Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream
Strawberry Linzer Bar
Strawberry Sorbet - Strawberry Ice Cream


Trade is a new retail complex from Tania Schrager, Yelin Song and Steven Giles which takes a “No” brand philosophy. An unlikely combination of cool products not found in any one store. An eclectic curated selections of unique one-of-a-kind clothing, books, objects jewelry, accessories and more.

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