Friday, September 01, 2017

Venice: Le Gallerie dell’Accademia – The Painter Can’t Sleep – Symposium

  The Painter Can’t Sleep - Symposium
Philip Guston
 In the week preceding the closing of the exhibition Philip Guston and The Poets, Le Gallerie dell’Accademia organized a symposium entitled The Painter Can’t Sleep. The phrase is derived from a series of drawings that are the result of the artistic and poetic relationship between Philip Guston and Clark Coolidge, one of the most important American living poets, which appears in several quotes also in the works exhibited on display.

Kosme de Baranano curator of the exhibition and poet Clark Coolidge

Coolidge was interviewed by de Baranano during the symposium and told of his friendship and collaboration that tied him to Guston. And, Musa Mayer and Pia Capelli read from Mayer’s book Night Studio, A Memoir of Philip Guston by his daughter Musa Mayer.

Philip Guston – Clark Coolidge
Drawing – ink on paper – c. 1972-1975

The Painter Can’t Sleep – Symposium

Anders Bergstrom, Clark Coolidge, Pia Capelli, Musa Mayer, Paola Marini, Peter Benson Miller, Federica Olivares and Kosme de Baranano

Musa Mayer
After the symposium, the book signing of the only available volume in Italian dedicated to the figure of Philip Guston, published by Johan and Levi and written by Musa Mayer, the daughter of the painter entitled Night Studio. Un Ritratto Intimo di Philip Guston.


Margherita Alvera and Giovanna Forlanelli

Ketty Alvera and Daniela Ferretti

Night Studio. Un Ritratto Intimo di Philip Guston
Photograph of the artist by Edward Weston - 1930


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