Monday, May 08, 2017

Venice Biennale Special – Open Studio - Sigrid Gloerfelt

Venice Biennale Special – Open Studio - Sigrid Gloerfelt

International artist, lover of art, collector of art and expressionist painter Sigrid Gloerfelt has opened up her Venice studio for 5 days during Biennale preview week.
Above. La Cicatrice – Le Sens des Mots – Again Again and Again –2017 - mixed media on canvas.
Open Studio - Sigrid Gloerfelt
9-14 May  - 10am-7pm
Campo Sant’ Angelo – Calle Caotorta 3565
+39 349 7187949

I started studying film and psychology in London and New York, I left for India and realized that painting was vital to my life.  I sent Marietta Gual in Majorca some pictures and five months later she exhibited my work. I worked for ten years with the Sollertis Gallery and then Rodolphe Stadler in Paris; later I choose another life and exhibited in all the countries where I lived: South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Beirut.“
Sigrid Gloerfelt

Les Sens des Mots – 2017
mixed media on canvas

“Blue and white, they are the infinite, the sea the sky, what I imagine in another world.”

Untitled – 2017
mixed media on canvas

  “Painting for me is like a search, like a prayer a combination of the environment and of what I see and feel.”

photographs courtesy of the artist

Les Carnets

“The notebooks are a process of concentration to focus on. When I travel I never take any supplies with me and always buy them locally, I do a lot of work on paper.   I always produce exhibitions in whatever part of the world I have a show. I like meeting the local artists, experience their cultures and languages, I usually stay in that country for quite a while afterward.”

  “When I paint I am elsewhere”

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