Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Venice – Around Town – Collateral Events: Palazzo delle Zattere – V-A-C Foundation - Space Force Construction

Palazzo delle Zattere

V-A-C Foundation - Space Force Construction
V-A-C Foundation presents Space Force Construction, organized with the Art Institute of Chicago, for the launch of V-A-C’s new Venetian headquarters at Palazzo delle Zattere, is curated by Matthew Witkovsky and Katerina Chuchalina, with Anna Ilchenko, until August 25.  Space Force Construction is a conversation between contemporary artists and historic works. Over 100 works from the 1920s and ‘30s by key Soviet artists are brought into dialogue with new site-specific commissions and recent works by contemporary artists, including Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera noted for her strong political messages, Mikhail Tolmachev, a young artist from Moscow who explores the subject of memory through photographic archives, renowned American artist Barbara Kruger, German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans and Russian multi-media artist Kirill Savchenkov, amongst many others.
Vladimir Gel’freikh
Design for a monument to Vladimir Lenin in Leningrad
Cultural production
is one of the fundamental aims of V-A-C and nearly all of the contemporary artists in the exhibition have produced new site-specific works. Each new piece, we believe, offers the potential for new interpretation and new reflection on the current global condition. And when these reflections come to life in the shared space of a show like Space Force Construction, they inevitably start a new conversation. In trying to find new answers to the problems posed by our contemporaneity, we create spaces where people are free and motivated to engage with an art that makes them feel part of the discussion. With this show, as always, we hope to demonstrate that the social spirit of art is still alive and that the engines of its motor for change are running at full speed.”
Teresa Iarocci Mavica
Director of the V-A-C Foundation

Performance - Isasthenai
Cuban sculptor - Tania Bruguera

Barbara Kruger – Untitled (Surrounded)

Performance - Stomach It

Taus Makhacheva

Uniformed servers offer guests dishes on the politics of food: edible paper, two carrots wrapped in a poem by Bolshevik poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, bread made from flour of dried leaves and hay…

Wolfgang Tillmans – The State We’re In, A

Melvin Edwards – Ana’s Corner
Dedicated to the memory of Pateh Sabally

  Sergey Sapozhnikov - Dance
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