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57 Venice Biennale: Giardini - Central Pavilion - Viva Arte Viva - Christine Macel

Viva Arte Viva
Biennale Arte 2017
57th International Art Exhibition
Curated  - Christine Macel

Viva Arte Viva is an exclamation, a passionate outcry for art and the state of the artist. Viva Arte Viva is a Biennale designed with artists, by artists and for artists.”
Christine Macel

The 57 La Biennale di Venezia International Art Exhibition, titled Viva Arte Viva, until November 26, at the Giardini and the Arsenale is curated by Christine Macel and chaired by Paolo Baratta.

Viva Arte Viva - The Nine Trans-Pavilions
Each of the nine chapters or families of artists of the exhibition “represents a pavilion in itself, or rather a Trans-Pavilion as it is trans-national by nature but echoes the Biennale’s historical organization into pavilions, the number of which has never ceased to grow since the end of the 1990s. From the “Pavilion of Artists and Books” to the “Pavilion of Time and Infinity”, these nine episodes tell a story that is often discursive and at times paradoxical, with detours that mirror the world’s complexities, a multiplicity of approaches and a wide variety of practices. The exhibition is intended as an experience, an extrovert movement from the self to the other, towards a common space beyond the defined dimensions, and onwards to the idea of a potential neo-humanism.  Viva Arte Viva also seeks to convey a positive and prospective energy, which whilst focusing on young artists, rediscovers those passed away too soon or those who are still largely unknown despite the importance of their work.”
Christine Macel

Viva Arte Viva
 “The question is how to manipulate that which manipulates you.” Mladen Stilinovic

Artist at Work – 1978/2017
eight silver gelatin prints

Viva Arte Viva
 “My mother may be illiterate... but her messages are full of symbols, full of the magic of the ancient language of the Orient.”
Abdullah Al Saadi

Al Saadi’s Diaries – 2016
39 graphite works – each in a box


Viva Arte Viva
“It Became this sort of art-meets-life-meets-reality and those lines blurred very literally on paper and openly because I had itemized everything, I had the inventory, everything.”
Dawn Kasper
The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars – 2017

Viva Arte Viva
“The perception of art develops from the pressure points stimulated when you stand on it...”
Franz West
Chaise Longue – 2014
steel foam rubber linen
Otium – 1998
videocassette tape


Viva Arte Viva
 “The geometric pattern pierced up in the painting projects,
the employment and evolution of Mondrian’s principle of creating spatial imagination via geometry and also conceals Liu Ye’s prudent contemplation on space and composition with a balanced treatment
of composition, color tones, and light”
[Dina Zhang]
Liu Ye
Book Painting No1 – 2013
Book Painting No. 6 -  
acrylic on canvas

Viva Arte Viva

Roberto D’Agostino and Paolo Baratta
The Veil – 1973
oil on canvas

Viva Arte Viva
I do not need to position myself in any ideological way. Creativity is just the capacity of consciousness. It is away to synthesize. It is a good language to ground your consciousness in a condensed manner that you can see physically outside yourself.”
[from an interview by Alain Elkann - Mar 2014]

Kiki Smith
Rogue Stars – 2012
opal with antique glass with blackened stead and lead, 5 white glass stars with metal frames
Gathering – 2014
collage on Nepalese paper

Viva Arte Viva
“The reason I became a sculptor is because I really love the ability to touch something, and
in museums you usually don’t get a chance to do that. In actuality, any person in this audience can go up and move it around any way they wanted to and it will be fine any position you decide to put it in.”
Senga Nengudi
A.C.Q.– 2016-2017
sculptural installation

Viva Arte Viva
 “I think the problem of art is form, and (form) is a complicated thing to do. Form is not an object, it is a moment of attention – to apply art to political resistance is always a bit complicated, but there are ways to do it.”
[from an interview by Van Badham - The]

Philippe Parreno
Cloud Oktas – 2017
wall for The Bride, AC/DC snakes, sonic lightening grid, glass roof

Viva Arte Viva
My work begins at the crossroads—at the intersection of Bebop improvisation and Abstract Expressionism.”
MacArthur Binion


Viva Arte Viva
“Je suis regarduer.”
 Raymond Hains

Les Jardineries du Sud
mixed media installation

Viva Arte Viva
“I stay away from complicated technology and I have no secrets, this is actually something that anyone can do. Hence I chose the tag ‘Weaving’ which requires neither strenuous physical activity nor unique skill. All that is required is a pair of hands and minimal effort.”
Hassan Sharif
Hassan Sharif Studio (Supermarket) - 1990-2016
mixed media objects, heaps, books, boxes


Viva Arte Viva
Olafur Eliasson - Green Light – An Artistic Workshop
Green light is an act of welcoming, addressed both to those who have fled hardship and instability in their home countries and to the residents of the cities receiving them. I am very pleased to be able to present the project at the Biennale Arte 2017. To me, going to the Biennale has always been about going deeper into reality, not about exiting reality. Mass displacement and migration are core challenges in the world today, affecting millions of people around the globe. Green light displays a modest strategy for addressing the challenges and responsibilities arising from the current situation and shines a light on the value of collaborative work and thinking.”
 Olafur Eliasson

Green Light – An Artistic Workshop
Green light – An artistic workshop invites refugees, asylum seekers, and members of the public to participate in a multifaceted programme of creativity and shared learning. The educational programme includes a workshop for the construction of Green light lamps, language courses, seminars, artist’s interventions, and film screenings. 

Made from recycled and sustainable materials and designed to be stackable, the Green light modules can function either on their own or be combined into more complex structures. At the core of the Green light project is a fundraising campaign benefiting two NGOs that work with refugees: Emergency and Georg Danzer Haus. For a contribution of (at least) 250 Euros, donors receive a Green light lamp built during the workshop. Donations can be made in the Green light space at the Biennale di Venezia or online on the TBA21 web shop.


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