Thursday, April 27, 2017

Milano #MDW2017 – Wallpaper – NLXL Rijksmuseum Wallpaper - Calico wallpaper – Fabscarte


Wallpaper – NLXL Rijksmuseum Wallpaper
Presented by
Piet Hein Eek - RIJ-03 View Olinda

“By taking what’s there as a source of inspiration I try to connect past and future in a pragmatic and natural way.  Surprisingly enough this urge to do what’s obvious often provides innovative products and concepts.”

Wallpaper – Fabscarte

Martyn Thompson - Midnight Moondust
“Midnight Moondust is like a radiant night sky, with a semi blistered and burnished surface.” 

The wallpaper is inspired by the moon surface: on a layer aged with lacerations, indigo soil and coffee veilings cover the base; tridimensionality is given by copper powder that highlights the deeper arrears.  Silver spots and metal patinas appear on the whole surface.


Wallpaper - Calico Wallpaper
Faye Toogood – Woodlands, Fields, Moors Collection

Inspired by 17th century Rococo as well as the English landscape of her childhood, Toogood created a concept of enveloping an entire room with painted landscapes and hand-drawn black and white woodlands.

Wallpaper - Calico Wallpaper

BCXSY – Microcosmos Collection

BCXSY Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto’s Microcosmos, are elements-constructed wallpapers originating from enlarged images of bubbles, which appear like the incredible universes seen through the lenses of a microscope.
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