Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Milan #MDW2017 – Restaurant – Bibendum

Here food means home!”

Milan #MDW2017 – Restaurant – Bibendum
Chef Marta Pulini’s new Bibendum restaurant with Rossana Orlandi and curated by Paola Navone

“I’ve always loved researching the purest and most natural ingredients even when they weren’t in fashion.” 
Baby spinach salad with green apple, shaved Parmesan cheese, sesame seeds and lemon citronelle

We Italians discover the greatest pleasure in homemade food, and in its proper special place: the home kitchen.”
Quinoa salad with chickpeas, preserved lemons, toasted almonds and sun-dried cherry tomatoes

"Marta has developed during her entire life a deep sense of know how, starting with the simplest ingredients which remain recognizable and intact.”
Sabbiosa cake with mascarpone cream
Seen at Bibendum Valerie Traan
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