Saturday, April 29, 2017

Milan #MDW2017 - Euroluce – Lighting – Studio Formafantasma – Jochen Holz – BCXSY – Atelier Robotiq - Piet Hein Eek – Veronese -Giopato and Coombes – Luca Nichetto Ben Gorham - Salviati

Lighting - Studio Formafantasma – Foundation

The show at Spazio Krizia was conceived as a display of studies and the groundwork for current and future developments in the field of lighting. While the finished objects are formally developed and define a new, more industrial direction for the studio, the experiments demonstrate the duo’s intuitive and research-based process. The lights, above, fitted with a crystalline, polycarbonate lens suspended under a LED light source, are designed to cast a perfect round reflection on the floor. When using the very symbol of sculptural materials — bronze — the designers apply its most basic characteristics: weight and reflectiveness. In this way, ‘Foundation’ highlights the studio’s consistent focus on rethinking object typologies through material investigations.

Formafantasma - Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin

Lighting - Formafantasma - Foundation

Elements, which at first appear sculptural, reveal a specific intent on closer inspection. Responding to the lack of color saturation during the winter months, the designers created three objects which cast brightly-tinted reflections on walls, through the use of layered dichroic glass. 

Lighting - Jochen Holz – Cumuli

Cumuli designed by Jochen Holz is a neon light installation using free blown, oversized borosilicate tubing to create a unique immersive light environment.  Like luminous clouds, the organically shaped wide diameter neons emit a mesmerizing fluffy light and subtle changes of tonal reflective qualities.

Gallerist Salvatore Lanteri

 Lighting – BCXSY – OOO- Out of Order - Atelier Robotiq

Out Of Order is a series of light fixtures, which is the result of a collaboration between BCXSY and Atelier Robotiq. For this collaboration the two design studios envisioned scenarios wherein the main character, a fiber-winding robot, gets bored of winding fiber pattern lamps all day, and drifts away to explore its own creativity. The result is the OOO - Out Of Order light, which starts with a balanced fiber pattern, and slowly runs out of order creating a chaotic pattern from the robot’s mind.

Alice Stori Lichtenstein, Boaz Cohen, Sayaka Yamamoto

Soren Blomaard

Lighting – Piet Hein Eek – Past and Future Collection


Piet Hein Eek, the Dutch designer with a mastery of upcycling used spare parts of hand blown glass from the 1931 established Veronese factory. The designer dreamed up a Meccano like principle of 40cm clear glass tubes, equipped with LED lighting. The tubes can be assembled to create a longer chandelier. Each segment carries a metal disc into which the fantastically diverse jewel -like spare parts can be slotted – an eclectic feast of styles and colors.
Lighting – Giopato and Coombes – Lace

 A light, elegant glass chain joined by metal rings with a matte gold-plated finish that contain the light source, an LED strip. An absolutely free structure in the composition, reflecting the great skill behind the workmanship and design of the individual parts. The name suggests the delicacy of the typical lace of the island of Burano, interpreted in glass.
Christopher Coombes and Cristiana Giopato

Lighting – Luca Nichetto and Ben Gorham – Strata - Salviati

A vision of transparency; colors and light. Strata, explores themes of modularity obtained through a layering of thin glass sheets, formed to fold into each other.
6.072 folded glass sheets – 506 lighting modules – 8 colors4 techniques

Luca Nichetto

Seen at Salviati Karim Rashid
Luca Nichetto and Ben Gorham – Strata – Salviati - detail 

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