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London Now: Lifestyle - Lunch at the Tilsons

  Photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati

London Now: Lifestyle - Lunch at the Tilsons
Lunch at Joe and Jos Tilson’s London house is a very special occasion and treat. A tour of the artist’s studio proceeds lunch, it is always so stimulating and exciting to see Joe’s latest works in the making.
Above. Joe and Jos Tilson in his studio welcome us. Below. An invitation to the Howard Hodgkin, Absent Friends exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery which depicts a painting of The Tilsons 1965-7, sits on the mantelpiece next to an invitation to Joe’s latest show in Frankfurt at the Die Gallerie entitled – Joe Tilson – Postcards from Venice, on view until June 17.

Joe Tilson – Stones of Venice
In his studio Joe Tilson stands in front his Stones of Venice paintings. Joe Tilson is a recognized and important representative of British Pop Art, which conquered the art scene of London in the 1960s. The technological developments rapidly embraced by his contemporaries, however, soon contradicted his deepest artistic convictions. As of 1970, he distanced himself from Pop Art to pursue a path all of his own, a path characterized by an incomparable creative exploration of existential, mythological, and esoteric questions. His current work represents a harmonic interplay between painting, architecture, and the written word, and makes reference to the centuries-old sacral architecture of Venice, a city that has, for Tilson, become both a second home and inexhaustible source of inspiration.

“I record early ideas and then develop them in diptychs, paintings and prints.”

Joe Tilson
Stones of Venice Notebook

Joe Tilson – Recent Wood Relief
Making use of his previous experience as a carpenter and joiner, Joe also produces wooden reliefs and constructions as well as prints and paintings.

“I express myself in weaving rather than in painting”
Jos Tilson
In her own right, Jos Tilson is also an artist; she studied at the Brera Academy in Milan and weaves instead of painting. Scottish by birth like her father she is a weaver, as were her ancestors before her, of which, curiously, the eldest daughter has always followed in the tradition. She is mainly inspired by architecture and landscape, especially those of Tuscany, Venice and London, where the Tilsons spend part of each year. She also, occasionally plays the piano for entertainment and relaxation.

Jos Tilson
The Serpentine London

Jos Tilson

Terracotta Relief Pots

Joe opens a bottle of - Chateau Beaumont – Haut Medoc – 2010

Cannellini Bean and Leek Soup with Chilli Oil


Camembert – Stilton - Gruyere


Mixed Greens – Grapes – Walnuts – Walnut Oil   

Fruit Salad – Vanilla Ice Cream


The Kitchen Window

Cat Sculpture – Sophy Dury

Terracotta Buildings - Jos Tilson
Bird Print - Charles Voyfey


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