Monday, January 02, 2017

Milan: Happy 90th Birthday – Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro

Milan: Happy 90th Birthday – Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro. At Palazzo Reale until February 5, the exhibition Arnaldo Pomodoro curated by Ada Masoero, celebrates 90 years of the great maestro with a major retrospective. Not only in the magnificent Sala dei Cariatidi, the retrospective continues, spanning the entire city and some of its most prestigious venues: the Palazzo Reale, the Triennale in Milan, the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro the Poldi Pezzoli Museum.

Spheres and Rotors
"The sphere is a wonderful object, the sphere comes from the magician, whether in glass or in bronze or whether it is full of water; the sphere is also the mother's womb, I think ... The sphere is the perfect shape and I break it to discover its interiors hidden mysteries. In the same act I free myself from this perfect shape. I destroy it. Then reassemble it, the work can be read continuously, day by day; and so has, in my opinion, her best continuity: it simply does not respond to a consumer but rather a need to discover what it is in everyone and that everyone is dissatisfied with the industrial mechanization.”

  Arnaldo Pomodoro and curator Ada Masoero

Palazzo Reale - Sala dei Cariatidi

Arnaldo Pomodoro
The Sala dei Cariatidi houses about thirty sculptures made from 1955 to date and chosen by the Pomodoro himself, to represent the milestones of his research and his work of more than sixty years. The exhibition begins with a bas-relief of the Fifties in lead, silver and cement, in which emerges already features patterns and signs of the great artist, Pomodoro was to become. And, in the Hall of Tapestries, during the opening period of the exhibition, visitors enter, virtually, in the Labyrinth, thanks to the potential of immersive VR Gear and HTC Vive, in a multi sensory experience that extends in space and time.  

Colpo d’Ala - 1984

"I dedicated this sculpture to Umberto Boccioni - the first major sculptor of the twentieth century. In Colpo d’Ala the arrow is so mobile that it appears disjointed; the traveler bird wants it to be so open, inventive and unpredictable, to hear any new direction. And the study of volumes compensates with an expression of power, this difficult agile movement of the contemporary man."


Carlotta Montebello and Teresa Pomodoro 


Piazzetta Reale - Pietrarubbia Group -1975-2013

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of events aimed to deepen and discuss the work and the figure of Arnaldo Pomodoro in its relations with the ideas and contemporary art movements and is complemented by an artistic itinerary that connects most parts of the city: Piazza Meda with the Great Disk, Largo Greppi with Tower Spiral, until the entrance in the maze in the basement of the former Riva Calzoni via Solari 35, former venue of the Pomodoro Foundation.
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