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Archives: Nally Bellati - Vintage Party Photographs -1990s The Missoni after Dinner Party

“I love to photograph real people quickly, reportage style.”
 Nally Bellati 

Vintage Party Photographs  - 1990s  - The Missoni After Show

Dinner Party
The strong emotion of finding photo of friends, some who sadly have left us, is very emotional and brings back fond memories of the “good old days”, before digital photography. I share with you, from my social photography archives some party photos taken at the Missoni apartment in Milan after one of their 1990s Spring/Summer fashion shows. Entertaining for the Missoni family, like their clothes is always colorful, elegantly casual and chic; the guests feel at home and always include a wide interesting mix of international friends, artists, actors, authors and journalists – all the perfect ingredients for a fun party.
Above. Tai and Rosita Missoni.

Angela Missoni

Carla Sozzani, Franca Sozzani, Beppe Modenese and Miriam De Cesco

Mireille Darc

Luca and Judy Missoni

Vittorio Missoni and Lea Pericoli

Daniela Morera, Emilio and Antonia Tadini

Susanne and Matteo Thun Hohenstein

Willy and Liliana Cavendish

Gerlinde Guelfenbien Hobel and Manfredi Bellati

Giovanna Mazzetti, Alain Elkann and Chiara Boni

Sam Rey and Grazia D’Annunzio
Suzy Menkes

Lea Massari

Ariela Goggi, Giovanni Gastel and Valeria Corbetta


Ilaria Cerrina Feroni and Giorgio Forattini

Gladys Perint Palmer

Adelaide and Enrico Astori

Tai Missoni and Joan Juliet Buck

Antonia Jannone

Laura Panno

Cristina Dubini, Nicolo Dubini and Barbara Frua De Angeli

Federica Marangoni

Mania Hruska


  Rita Airaghi and Anna Riva

Cristina Brigidini and Sibilla della Gherardesca

Maria Pezzi


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