Friday, December 09, 2016

Milano: Bisazza New Mendini and Laviani Mosaic Collections

Milano: Bisazza New Mendini and Laviani Mosaic Collections.  Presented in the Bisazza flagship store, the new mosaic tile collections designed by Alessandro Mendini and Ferruccio Laviani.
Rossella Bisazza and Alessandro Mendini

  photographs courtesy Bisazza

Bisazza Mosaico
Alessandro Mendini – Granada – Louisiana - Ferrara

“Ferrara, Granada, Louisiana are mosaic patterns based on three decorative motifs with geographic references to specific cultures. The three designs and their colours are clearly reminiscent of Italian, Arab and Nordic atmospheres and rhythms. All signs originate from a classical idea of the ornament”
Alessandro Mendini

Rossella Bisazza 

 photographs courtesy Bisazza

Bisazza Mosaico 
Ferruccio Laviani – Arzigogolo – Albert Yellow – George Grey

“The two collections have very different references: the first one has the typical Post Deco graphic sign of the 30’s and 40’s, something between André Arbus and the early Gio Ponti. The second collection is inspired by the weaving of fabric, that, because of his structure made of weft and warp, is very similar to the grid of a mosaic.”
Ferruccio Laviani


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