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Treviso: Museo di Santa Caterina – Storie dell’Impressionismo Exhibition

Treviso: Museo di Santa Caterina – Storie dell’Impressionismo Exhibition. The Storie dell’Impressionismo - I grandi protagonisti da Monet a Renoir, da Van Gogh a Gauguin exhibition, until April 17, in the Museo di Santa Caterina in Treviso is curated by Marco Goldin. This vast exhibition tells the story of Impressionism in 140 works. The exhibition starts with three paintings: Tiziano, Rubens and Rembrandt, highlighting what precedes, and also prepares the way for the reaction to this new school of ​​painting – Impressionism. The exhibition, is divided into six sections, which allow the visitor to follow the path of masterpieces that have marked one of the greatest revolutions in the history of all time.
Above. Sir Pieter Paul Rubens – Banchetto di Erode – 1635-1638 – olio su tela.

Storie dell’Impressionismo
I grandi protagonisti da Monet a Renoir, da Van Gogh a Gauguin
The exhibition marks the 20th anniversary of the career of art historian and curator Marco Goldin’s activity. Unfortunately, as with all of the ambitious curators’ exhibitions, this beautiful show has no text, captions or information in English and is aimed at an Italian audience. I am surprised that with all the cost involved in producing such a big exhibition, that the City of Treviso and the sponsors do not aspire also, to a wider international audience.

Section One - The Look and the Silence
The portrait Route from Ingres to Degas to Gaugin
Edouard Manet – Ritratto di un Bambino delle Famiglia Lange
1861 c. – olio su tela

Section Two – Figures beneath the sky
From Millet to Renoir
Eugene Boudin – Figure sulla Spiaggia a Trouville
1869 – olio su tela

  photograph courtesy Linea d’Ombra

Section Three - The laying-out of the things
From Manet to Cezanne
Henri Fantin-Latour - Natura Morta (primule, pere e melograni)
1866 - olio su tela

Eduoard Manet – Cestino di Fiori
1880 – olio su tela

  Section Four - A New Desire for Nature

From Corot to Van Gogh
 Narcisse Virgile Diaz De La Pena – Sottobosco a Fontainebleau
1867 – olio su tela

Gustave Le Gray – Bas-Breau, Foresta di Fontainebleau
1851-1852 – stampa su carta albuminata dorata

Paul Cezanne – Paesaggio Provenzale
1888 – olio su tela

Section Five - Impressionism in Danger
Monet and the Plein-Air Crisis
 Utagawa Hiroshige – Scenario del Lago a Hakone
1832-1834 – xilografia policroma – nishiki-e
Utagawa Hiroshige – Immagine della Iwaya, il santuario principale: pellegrini in visita a Enoshima nella Provincia di Sagami per l’esposizione di Benzaiten.
1851 - xilografia policroma – nishiki-e

  photograph courtesy Linea d’Ombra

Section Six – How the World Changes
The Extreme Years of Monet and Cezanne
Claude Monet - Ninfee
1908 - olio su tela,

The Cloister - Museo di Santa Caterina


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