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Brompton Design District Parties: The Brompton Cocktail – Breathless – Mint – Kartell

Brompton Design District Parties: The Brompton Cocktail – Breathless – Mint – Kartell. During The London Design Festival the evening of The Brompton Design District, celebrating its 10th anniversary, was one of the most liveliest. Conceptual British Pop artist, Duggie Fields, one of the capital's most cool fashion icons and trend setters, was also spotted party hopping down the Brompton Road.

  Photograph by Ania Wawrzkowicz courtesy Arabeschi di Latte
The Brompton Cocktail –  Arabeschi di Latte
To celebrate ten years of the Brompton Design District, Brompton’s designer alumni created their own cocktails, based on The Brompton Cocktail, an elixir that was administered at the Royal Brompton Hospital in the early  twentieth century. The Original Brompton Cocktail was a lethal mix of morphine, heroin, cocaine and alcohol, used for palliative care until the 1970s, not only to relieve pain but also to promote sociability before death.
Above. Arabeschi di Latte’s Francesca Sarti and her Pretty Hanky Panky  cocktail, a mix of Italian Vermouth, Gin, China Elixir and Belladonna.

The Brompton 10th anniversary exhibition was curated by Jane Withers, above with Yves Marbrier, Liyu Yeo and Axelle de Buffevent. The theme explored the processes and perceptions of Transformation, revealing how exciting and free-thinking designers are meeting the challenges of diminishing resources by giving new value and meaning to the most basic and neglected materials.

Alice Stori Lichenstein and Marcin Rusak

Tomas Alonso and Bosco

Photogrpah courtesy  Martino Gamper

Gingerini - Martino Gamper
Ginger Root – Strawberries – Champagne - Ice

The brief was to design a cocktail, either real or realizable, or conceptual that offers Transformation “from diverse ingredients into potent formula, from base materials into thoughtful ideas and objects, from one state of mind to another or from one world to the next” says the curator Jane Withers.

Oscar Lessing and Martino Gamper

Franca Berr and Sebastian Wrong
The Brompton Cocktail Event
A celebrity Brompton tenth anniversary book of the cocktails was part of the installation by Arabeschi di Latte in partnership with Bitossi Glass, above. The innovative recipes tell the stories of Brompton’s collaborators over the past decade, including:  Arabeschi di Latte, Study O Portable, Max Lamb, Tomas Alonso, Martino Gamper, DesignMarketo, Faye Toogood, Kirsty Minns and Erika Muller, Tom Dixon, Laetitia De Allegri and Matteo Fogale, Michael Anastassiades, Peter Marigold, Apartamento, Loris and Livia,  Okolo.

Nigel Coates

Brodie Neill

The Shit Museum
Toby Anstruther shows the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Councillor Mrs. Elizabeth Rutherford, and her husband round The Shit Museum’s Toilet Break installation a project carried out in alliance with Dirty Furniture magazine.

Yvonne Kroese and Cok de Rooij with Luca Cipelletti

The Shit Museum, a project, by Luca Cipelletti in Piacenza, Italy, produces ideas, exhibitions, projects and objects about shit. It has invented Merdacotta, a blend of dry dung, straw, farm waste and clay, a material that brings together the principles of transformation and sustainability underpinning its vision and values.  A pop-up shop was also installed where visitors could purchase the full range of the Shit Museum’s Primordial Products, including its tableware, flowerpots, vases, tiles, tables, seating, etc.

Dirty Furniture – Toilet Break
“Design has worked for decades to keep the subject of our most primordial activity, and the material that results from it, firmly off topic. Is it time for us to address this silence? Can design make shit socially acceptable in order to realize shit’s potential?”

Design magazine Dirty Furniture and The Shit Museum (Italy) came together for the London Design Festival to present a subterranean hub – featuring two exhibitions and a series of debates – called Toilet Break. Showing The Shit Museum's latest collection and an installation that functions as a debating chamber in a show entitled Primordial Products, and a provocative exhibition, On The Go, curated by Dirty Furniture, with a new commission by Lukas Franciszkiewicz of London-Tokyo design studio Takram.


Dirty Furniture – Toilet Break – On the Go Exhibition
Nappy Fashion Show – Aging Lifestyle Research Centre – Tokyo

Dirty Furniture’s Elizabeth Glickfeld and Anna Bates


Photograph courtesy - Apartamento Magazine

The Apartamento Expresso Martini – Apartamento Magazine
Double Espresso – Lemon Peel – Cinnamon – Vodka –Frangelico - Ice


Nesta Morgan and Eldon

Johanna Agerman Ross, Jacopo Sarzi, Letitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale


Arabeschi Di Latte – Pickled Eggs

Amandine Alessandra

Jacob Peres and Toby Anstruther

Breathless – The Essence of Glass
Breathless was a joint project of the award-winning design studio Dechem, Czech Centre London and creative group OKOLO. Part of the Brompton Design District, the interactive exhibition represented the essence of glass-making, from its inception to its presence in various forms located all around us. The very birth of glass materialized symbolically by the installation of a mobile glass furnace. As a counterpoint to the dynamic aspect, a glass museum was created with more than 30 diverse artefacts and forms of glass, from conventional glassware, via design and art, to more utilitarian objects such as fibreglass, plate glass and many others.

Dechem – Jakub Jandourek and Michaela Tomiskova

Bet Orten

Mint – White Canvas Exhibition
For the London Design Festival 2016, Lina Kanafani of Mint curated ‘White Canvas,’ an exhibition focusing on innovative designers whose approach is highly individualistic. Over 50 new and established designers were chosen for their unique handcrafted skills working in a broad range of mediums.

Alissa Volchkova – The Beautiful Unperfect – The Wedgwood Series


Thalia Maria – Silver and Stone Objects


Anna Weber – Glasgow

Luciano Ragno, Maria Cicinello and Stuart Helm


Kartell – The Art of Living/Living with Art
“Kartell. The Art of Living/Living with Art” is the show’s thematic presentation telling the story and innovative background of Kartell products by top names in photography and contemporary art.

Kartell’s Lorenza, Claudio, Maria and Federico Luti




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