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Venice - Canal Grande: Lifestyle - Regata Storica

Venice - Canal Grande: Lifestyle - Regata Storica. For thousands of years the Regata Storica takes place every first Sunday of September, the Canal Grande comes to a standstill and Venetians gather in the Palazzi to watch and party during this spectacular historical pageant. Typically 16th century-style boats in period costume carry the Doge and high-ranking Venetian officials up the Grand Canal in a brightly colored parade, which today precedes the races.

  Photograph – Il Gazzettino

“La citta scoppia di festa Ammassati su rive e pontili per fotografare corteo e gare”
Il Gazzettino

"The city bursts with celebration on the banks and piers - people are massed to photograph the parade and races“ titles Il Gazzettino. So wonderful to see the interest of so many people enjoying watching and photographing the Regata Storica.

Riccardo Giannelli Viscardi, Alessandra Zoppi, Jane da Mosto and Silvia Dainese


Pamela Berry and Justine Bradley

Giulio Giannelli Viscardi and Hugues Le Gallais

Regata Storica

Today there are four races divided in terms of age and type of craft

Marco Maccapani, Francesco and Jane da Mosto

 Chiarastella Cattana and Gioia Meller Marcovicz

Olinda Adeane and William Roper-Curzon

  Sandra Flamand

Roberto De Feo

Regata Storica

Alessandra Zoppi, Alessandro Tusset, Michela Scibilia and Chiara Barbieri

Antonio Monfreda

Mike Patzelt and Andrea Natterer

The Regata Storica

Sibilla Camurati

Ludovico Drjak, Marzio Burigana, Toto and Delia da Mosto, Giuditta Ercolino and Jorge Menna

Katie Oldworth and Ben Human

  Venezia - Canal Grande

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