Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Venice – Giardini - Pavilions: The 15th International Architecture Biennale – Australia

The Australian Pavilion
The Pool – Architecture, Culture and Identity in Australia
Commissioner: Janet Holmes a Court AC
Curators: Amelia Holliday and Isabelle Toland (Aileen Sage Architects) with Michelle Tabet
Exhibitors: Conversations with Olympians Shane Gould and Ian Thorpe; authors Anna Funder and Christos Tsiolkas; musician Paul Kelly; environmentalist Tim Flannery; fashion designers Romance Was Born; and art curator Hetti Perkins.

“It was a pleasure to share the pool with our Australian and International community in Venice. The scent, the sounds, the visual effects of the rippling water – this setting for life was appreciated by many – young and old, architect and non-architect. Sitting in the exhibition during the frenzy of Vernissage or the quieter days following it was great to see visitors interact with The Pool.”
Amelia Holliday

Australia. Eight prominent cultural leaders from various fields have been selected to share their personal stories, using the device of the pool as a platform to explore the relationship between architecture and Australian cultural identity.  Each narrative touches on a different scale, from the scale of the body to the scale of the continent, and together all reveal the myriad meanings and impacts of the pool on Australian society; as a means to enable survival in an unforgiving landscape, to tame our environment, to provide spaces that facilitate direct contact with nature, to create democratic social spaces, but also spaces for healing racial and cultural division. Through the description of events, experiences, histories or memories, the narratives presented collectively describe a powerful relationship between place and society, intrinsic to this year’s Biennale Architettura theme Reporting from the Front.
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