Friday, June 10, 2016

Venice – Giardini - Pavilions: The 15th International Architecture Biennale – Egypt


The Egptian Pavilion – Rereading History Performance

Giulia Curra - Traslochi Emotivi

Egypt. Traslochi Emotivi was invited to perform in the Egyptian pavilion as an artist group that explores the concept of “rereading history” through art, with which it is possible to reconstruct the emotional structures and conduct research on social change.
Traslochi Emotivi - Rereading History Performance

The Egyptian Pavilion - ReframingBack/ImperativeConfrontations
Commissioner: Ahmad Hilal
Curator: Ministry of Culture
Exhibitors: Eslam Zenbaey, Luca Borlenghi, Gabriele Secchi, Mostafa Salim

Egypt. A team of Italo-Egyptian architects exhibit stories of architecture in simple pure materials. ReframingBack/ImperativeConfrontations is trying to explore various stories of architecture narrating the difficulties and challenges inside the Egyptian built environment. Going beyond the question of what is the story about? to how was the story written? Considering re-framing back “stories” where architecture did, is and will make changes as preexisting conditions even before being a product that contribute to any transformational paradigm within their existing confrontations and challenges. RB//IC is an odyssey that anchors many re-framed successful stories as icons and a platform for appraisals chapters that are still fighting to be re-framed and needs hope to carry on.

Giulia Curra, Luca Borlenghi, Ahmad Hilal, Mohamed Abusaeda, Alaa shakowier, Eslam Salem, Gihane Zaki, Mustafa Salem, Gabriele Secchi, Pasquale Leccese

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