Friday, June 03, 2016

Venice - Art: Palazzo Cesari-Marchesi – The Pool NYC – Show on Show exhibition

Venice - Art: Palazzo Cesari-Marchesi – The Pool NYC – Show on Show exhibition. On the occasion of the 15th Architecture Biennale, in the XVIII Century Palazzo Cesari-Marchesi, The Pool NYC presents, until November 27, Stefania Fersini’s site specific solo exhibition - Show on Show. Inspired by the architectural features and details of the abandoned palazzo’s walls, terrazzo floor and furniture Fersini has created an installation requesting the viewer's participation. She scatters in the halls of the palace ten puzzles laid on recovered furniture. The visitor, finding empty seats, is invited ‘to play the game’, combining tile after tile of still unknown images.

Show on Show. Fersini’s site specific installation could be considered as a tautological gesture for the inherent desire to reveal on the puzzle what the eye can see during the composition of the puzzle itself. It involves the viewer’s interaction and in order to build the puzzle, she does not provide the resulting image, but the reality itself that is represented in the work. 

  photograph courtesy The Pool NYC

‘We need time to solve problems and it’s our own time that leads us to the knowledge’.

Stefania Fersini, a member of Nucleo, a collective of artists and designers, based in Torino, Italy, sits on a ”puzzle carpet” depicting the actual Eighteenth Century original terrazzo floor. The puzzle executions emulate the painting practice, chosen by the artist. Her cognitive research focuses again on a missing content. 


The Pool NYC’s Gigi Franchin and Viola Romoli


Olivier Lexa


Stefania Fersini – Show on Show. Show on Show presents the place in its own place, generating a temporal perceptive and cognitive loop. It is a silent action to let space and time talk.  The subjects are perceived as matter in its details: colors, portions of the pavement, walls, and wood. The artist plays with our perception and let us reflect whether reality comes first than representation. Fersini’s work questions time, which alludes to a becoming, at times perceived as ‘destroying’, in other as ‘creating’.  She expresses her critical relationship with the destroyed image, and asks the viewer to engage in the creation of the work.

Roberta Rossi

Anna-Maria Pentimalli, Sabina Bianchini, Barbara Valmarana and Eleonora Porcellato

Azzolina degli Azzoni Avogadro

The "player" will find a fragmented reality broken in his hands. It’s a mise en abyme that needs to be defined and confirmed.

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