Thursday, June 16, 2016

Venice – Art and Design. The Navy Officers’ Club – Matteo Cibic/Fabio Marullo – Orbite exhibiton

“Only by the combination of two s(u)-objects it is possible to evaluate the differences and to see the relationship between them and, to imagine a story that binds them.”
Leonard Koren

Venice – Art and Design. The Navy Officers’ Club – Matteo Cibic/Fabio Marullo – Orbite exhibiton. The project Orbite (orbits) was conceived to enable a double exchange in where one tries to trace the experiences, though of two different figures: The designer Matteo Cibic and the artist Fabio Marullo. It arose from a reflection on the value of time and of its inevitable passing; on one hand, it refers to the ambitious project Vaso Naso, a vase a day, for every day of the year, by Matteo Cibic, and on the other the meditated gaze of Fabio Marullo’s veiled painting. With this choice they want to show, within the space of a unique installation, the story of the individual experiences backed up by a common denominator: color.

  Photograph by Francesco Pizzo

The artist Fabio Marullo and the designer Matteo Cibic

Orbite. In reality, Matteo Cibic choose four enameled vases from his production, classified by numerical sequence, corresponding to the day of the change of the seasons - Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer - in a rigorous ranking by meteorological and astronomical order, whilst Marullo, after having chosen a color sampling previously identified through a study, show four new pictorial works.


Fabio Marullo and his painting Nella Lenta e Graduale Discesa
2016 – oil on linen

Move Across Europe's Francesca Ballini outside The Navy Officers’ Club

The Navy Officers’ Club

My Art Guides hosted the Orbite exhibition in the frame of Venice Meeting Point, at The Venice Navy Officer’s Club, with the aim to create a cozy, hospitable space to celebrate the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition organized by the La Biennale di Venezia and to discover the works of artists and designers of international scope, away from the hectic atmosphere of openings.


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