Sunday, May 15, 2016

New York: Design - Twenty First Gallery - Emmanuel Babled

New York:  Twenty First Gallery - Emmanuel Babled. At the Twenty First Gallery's new townhouse space in West Chelsea, until June 10th, a selection of furniture, lighting and design objects by French designer Emmanuel Babled, featured above. The pieces have never before been exhibited in the U.S. and exemplify the designer's innovations with classic materials including Murano glass and Carrara marble.

Twenty First Gallery

Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi Furniture 5

Emmanuel Babled creates products in collaboration with the highest Italian craftsmen, mixing ancient knowledge with cutting edge technology, allowing sophisticated production processes. The Italian technical heritage is being explored and revisited in order to propose new unexpected results.

Twenty First Gallery

Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi – Vase 3

By combining new technology with traditional craftsmanship in an entirely innovative way, a virtual fusion is made between marble and hand-blown glass. These materials are put together with a precision that is only possible thanks to high-level digital technology.

Twenty First Gallery

Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi Furniture 1

The process of the pieces begins with the realization of the glass. The hand-blown form is then captured by a 3-D scanner. Through the digitalization of the form, the matching shape is CNC (computer numerical control) milled into the marble, creating two unique pieces that match each other perfectly. They are separate pieces, but one has no meaning without the other.

Twenty First Gallery
 director and founder - Renaud Vuaillat

Twenty First Gallery

Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi Lamp 1
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