Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New York: Design - Starlight Clarkson Sq - Collective Design Fair

New York: Starlight Clarkson Sq - Collective Design Fair.  The annual Collective Design fair is a commercial and educational platform featuring expertly selected works from the 20th and 21st centuries from galleries from around the world. It is dedicated to exploring the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life.
Above. Nendo – Trace Collection – installation  - 2016 – for Collective Influence. Courtesy Friedman Benda and Oki Sato/Nendo inc

Johnson Trading Gallery – Woodside, NY

Jay Sae Jung Oh - The Savage Chair
Starting with a chair Jay Sae Jung Oh uses discarded plastic objects and hand weaves them together with leather cord.

R and Company – New York, NY

Wendell Castle  - Unique – 1971 - stack laminated dinning table in walnut
David Wiseman - carpet

R and Company - Jeff Zimmerman

R and Company - The Haas Brothers

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery – New York, NY

Airan Kang – Light Reading

Ornamentum – Hudson, NY

David Bielander – crown
18-karat gold – silver staple


Co-director of Ornamentum -  Laura Lapachin
Jiro Kamata –Spiegelkette (Mirror-chain) - 2014, silver, steel, camera lenses necklace

Eija Mustonen – Mittens – 2015- copper, nickel silver - necklace


BDDW/M. Crow – New York, NY

Tyler Hays – turntable
BDDW – ceramic crock
BDDW – leather credenza


M. Crow – knives


M. Crow – jigsaw puzzle

M. Crow, born from the 107-year-old general store in Lostine, Oregon, is an eclectic new line of clothing and small objects, designed and made by Tyler Hays in his Philadelphia studio.

Galleri Format – Oslo, Norway

Caroline Slotte – plate

Galleri Format’s Kristin Mannino

Liv Blavarp – necklace
Anne Beate Tempelhaug - plate


Lindsey Adelman – New York, NY

“The way things come into being is as interesting to me as how they transform, disintegrate, extinguish, or are destroyed. My video captures destruction while the laborious creation is implied. In slow-motion footage two hand-blown glass and brass Burst chandeliers crash into each other. There is undeniable pleasure in destroying. It’s a big part of our relationship with things as a culture.”

Lindsay Adelman - Some Relationships Are Better Than Others – video

“With my installation I explore the positive side of the material world being finite. In life, objects are damaged and destroyed through dancing, playing, using, loving, sharing and living life in general. All signs point to the reality that the world as we know it, and us in it, were never designed to exist forever. The video, entitled “Some Relationships Are Better Than Others” challenges the preciousness of static objects and gives value to the power of action and transformation.”

Lindsey Adelman – Branching Chandelier


Jack Chiles – New York, NY

Sophie StoneCarpet #2 – silk edge
Artist Sophie Stone made this carpet for one of her exhibitions, a collage with plastic bags and reclaimed objects – so much in demand, she now produces them.

Jack Chiles – Cutout Table # 2 – marble and maple base
Neil Haas - paintings

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